Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

Easy Access to Clean Water

Samsung refrigerator water filter is synonymous to clean and pure drinking water. It is easy to install and remove for replacement and designed to filter a large amount of contaminants or impurities in your water.

Clean and pure water is what Samsung refrigerator water filter can provide to you and your family. You can install a filter system in your whole house which can be quite expensive or you can buy a refrigerator with a water filter feature. Many refrigerators have built-in water dispenser, usually located in the door. Filtering the water that flows through this dispenser will be beneficial to your health.

Having a water filter in your refrigerator is one of the most convenient and cost-effective way of getting clean, pure and healthy drinking water. Instead of filling a jug with filtered water from the tap and placing it inside your freezer to cool, you can save a lot of time if you have a refrigerator water filter.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Refrigerator Water Filters from Samsung

When you buy a Samsung refrigerator with water filter, you will get an instruction manual that details clearly and in simple terms how to attach properly the water filter in your refrigerator. However, it is best that you ask the assistance of a technician in attaching the water filter. Samsung water filters come with plastic fittings, with the average size of ?-inch in diameter.

The main function of a refrigerator water filter is to make sure that you get clean and pure drinking water. This means no microorganism, chemical, metal or mineral that may cause a weird smell, change the appearance of water or bring diseases to you and your family.

It pays to know the performance of your water filter before you make a buying decision. This is especially important when it comes to determining the amount of contaminants or impurities that a water filter can remove from your water. As a rule, the higher the filter's rejection rate, the more efficient it is in removing impurities present in your water. The rejection rate of every Samsung water filter for your refrigerator is noted in its manual. Or you can call the company's customer service department for the information.

Replacing Your Water Filter

In order for your water filters to perform efficiently, you need to change their filter cartridges on a regular basis. The average time that a filter can be used before they need to be changed is six months. However, frequent water filtering may require you to replace the cartridges every three months.

You can perform a taste test to determine if it is time to replace your filter cartridge. If the water smells or taste funny or starting to show some discoloration, then you need to change your filter immediately regardless of the time that elapsed since the last change.

Some refrigerator water filters are easy to remove, while others can be quite difficult. Samsung water filters belong in the first category. This means that a person with average handyman skill can remove and replace a Samsung water filter. No need to hire a plumber which saves you money. Just refer to the manual for instructions on how to replace your filter.

Or better still, check your warranty. It you have a water filter by Samsung, chances are you get free replacement of as many as 2 filters. But it all depends on the model of refrigerator that you have purchased. However, there are provisions in the warranty that you need to follow in order to avail of free water filter replacement. Maintenance is very important in every refrigerator water filter to prevent the growth of bacteria and contamination.


When it comes to clean and pure drinking water, you can rely on Samsung refrigerator water filter to do the job of continuously providing you and your family with healthy water. Every water filter by Samsung comes with a manual for easy instructions on how to attach your filter. The manual also provides information on the amount of contaminants that your filter can remove from your water. You can be sure that your Samsung refrigerator water filter will give your efficient performance for a long time because it is made by a company that uses only advanced technology for its home appliances.

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