Frigidaire FRT18S6JM

Top Freezer Refrigerator with Full-Width SpillSafe Glass Shelves

With the Frigidaire FRT18S6JM, the company has scored big on consumers who are very particular about the basics of style and functionality. This unit has been described numerous times as the no-frills fridge.

This top freezer fridge has been loved by many for its basic, no-frills design. Its durability and affordability is something that many consumers look for in a home appliance that they know they will depend on for a long time. The Frigidaire brand has been around for as long as the concept of food storage by refrigeration has been around. Many people refer to their refrigerator units as the "fridge" which was actually coined from the brand's name. The brand has been so identified with refrigeration that it has become a household name even if the brand on people's homes is actually not Frigidaire.

Features and Advantages

Frigidaire has been a leader in refrigeration innovation. Buyers have grown to expect great exterior style that is space-saving and can adapt to any environment, even out of the kitchen. Customers have also relied heavily on the brand's precision humidity and temperature controls that are all fully electronic and can accurately tell owners when power is interrupted for a long period of time. People have counted on the brand's SpillSafe shelves for holding spills and making cleaning just way easier. They find delight in the Smartfit shelf design that can easily adjust upwards or downwards even without removing the contents.

The Frigidaire FRT18S6JM 8.2 cubic feet fridge boasts of a top freezer two-door model that meets all the essential refrigeration requirements of every consumer. It has two sliding full-width SpillSafe glass shelves for easy adjustment and food storage planning. You will never have to clean the condenser ever. Its UltraSoft handles and doors are children friendly and can withstand constant opening and closing. The two clear dairy door and two clear deli drawers improve the accessibility of food items.

The unit has three fixed white door bins for maximum storage capacity and up to two gallons of liquid. Apart from the clear dairy doors and clear dairy drawers the unit also has two clear crispers, two humidity controls, two fixed white freezer door bins, and full-width freezer shelf ice trays.

Cabinet height is approximately 65 inches with hinge cover so up to 66 inches. The cabinet width is over 29 inches with a depth of over 26 inches. The depth including the door is over 29 inches. The total depth with the door open at 90 degrees is over 58 inches.

What owners love about the Frigidaire FRT18S6JM is that it offers only the most essential features of a dependable and powerful refrigerator. It has none of the fancy stuff that a lot of people do not really require. If the goal is food storage then there has to be ample space and intelligent shelving for maximum utility. Many users are highly satisfied with the look of the fridge and more importantly the intelligent interior design that enables them to store more food and keep it fresh and in good condition for a long time.


On the other hand, some consumers have noted the lack of fancy features in this refrigerator as there are just some consumers that go for the quantity of features rather than the quality. The unit also satisfies many consumers' budgets as it is quite affordable compared to other 8.2 cubic feet refrigerator brands and models out there. But even with its affordable cost, consumers are assured they are not getting an inferior product because they have relied on the Frigidaire brand for decades.


Even in our fast-paced lives we cannot afford to forgo quality. We are always on the lookout for the best in everything without having to dig deep in our pockets. The Frigidaire FRT18S6JM makes sure that consumers get top quality, style and efficiency. The brand is available in a wide network of appliance store outlets across the country. Obtaining expert assistance in case of damage or malfunction is never a difficult task. If you want a fridge that will look good on your kitchen and is powerful enough to meet all your food storage needs you need not go very far.

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