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Buying a new refrigerator? Worried about your old one? Looking for some refrigerator related tips? At we will provide you with unbiased best refrigerator reviews and ratings and we are delighted you visited us.

Do expressions like French door, top freezer, bottom freezer, side by side, freezerless, counter depth, cabinet depth and similar confuse you?

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Do not worry; on this site you will find information about all those types of refrigerators (and much more) in an organized and easy to understand form.

From Whirlpool to GE, Samsung to LG, Maytag to Kenmore, Amana to KitchenAid, Frigidaire to Igloo, Danby to Haier, Subzero to Magic chef, Jenn-air to Thermador and others – we will provide you with best refrigerator reviews and pros and cons on all of them.

We are doing our best to constantly monitor all the refrigerators available on the market, refrigerator reviews and all information about them and provide you the information you can use. We do the research, compile and present you useful data, so you can easily decide.
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Our motto: we do the hard work on your behalf, so your decision is made easier - even if you are not buying an Interactive refrigerator like the one pictured on the right!

Why unbiased, best refrigerator reviews are essential? There are many factors to consider when deciding on a new fridge:

will it be built-in, freestanding, under counter

Freezerless, freezer on top, freezer on bottom, French-door, side-by-side

Type & size mostly depend on your wishes and needs (student, single or with large family?) and possible space and placement restrictions. For example: are you just replacing an old fridge? In that case, you are space limited, so you have fewer choices than somebody who is remodeling an entire kitchen. As a rule of thumb, when in doubt, measure the space available and buy the largest refrigerator that fits.

there are 20+ refrigerator brands on the US market; we provide you with essential information about all the best and most known top brands.

On the menu on the left you can find descriptions and best refrigerator reviews with pros and cons of all the mentioned types, sizes and brands.

Three other points to consider:

Frost free / no frost: those refrigerators have an automatic freezer compartment defrosting system built in. You do not need to defrost them manually – ever! This can be a great benefit, especially in the hot climate areas. Most people who used them agree they would never buy a refrigerator without this system. Anybody who ever had to defrost a freezer manually knows how cumbersome this task can be.

Energy star refrigerator / energy consumption: the refrigerator is one of the most power hungry (energy consuming) appliances (due to the fact it is always on), so please consider buying the more energy efficient one. When in doubt, go for the higher priced more efficient model, since to achieve the higher efficiency, all components need to be of better quality (more efficient and reliable compressor, more precise thermostat for better temperature consistency, better insulation, better gaskets). Even if higher priced, it will pay for itself in a few years through reduced electricity costs. Not to mention it is also greener, since it burdens the environment less. Also, some municipalities, utility companies (and even manufacturers themselves) offer rebates of up to $200 (in some cases even more!) if you replace an old one with an Energy Star-compliant model. As a matter of fact, we will show you how to easily save $500 - you can check the details on our Energy Star page.

Anti bacterial: most new refrigerators have specially coated interiors to inhibit bacteria growth. This means your food will stay healthy and fresh for longer periods. Do consider buying an antibacterial fridge over a standard one.

After browsing through our best refrigerator reviews and ratings, you will be able to make a confident decision about which refrigerator best suits your needs for years to come.

Best Rated Refrigerators - The Best Refrigerators According to Consumers
Best Rated Refrigerators are the ones with the most favorable reviews from consumers.

French Door Refrigerators - Suitable for Trendy People
French door refrigerators are a relatively new addition to refrigerator lineup. They are suitable for trendy people.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators - Most Reliable Refrigerators
Bottom freezer refrigerators are together with top freezer type the most energy efficient and most reliable refrigerators.

Built In Refrigerator – Refrigerators That Help You Save Space, Save Money
The built in refrigerator is an efficient and space-saving type of fridge. Learn more about the many benefits it can bring to your household.

Upright Freezers – Easily Accessible Frozen Food Storage
Buying upright freezers might seem a simple and straightforward task. But before you do, make sure you determine if this type of freezer is for you.

Refrigerator Types - Side by Side French Door Bottom Freezer Top Freezer Built In
Refrigerator Types: Side by Side, French Door, Bottom Freezer, Top Freezer, Built In, Freezerless, Desktop, Refrigerator Drawers, Chest Freezer

Kenmore Refrigerators – The Name You Can Trust - Sold at Sears Stores
Kenmore is a household name in US, with one in three homes having at least one Kenmore appliance. Kenmore refrigerators are only sold at Sears stores

GE Refrigerators - General Electric Refrigerators - A Household Name
As far style and design go, GE refrigerators will leave you satisfied. They will take good care of your fresh and frozen food preservation needs.

Samsung Refrigerators - by Largest Korean Appliance Manufacturer
Samsung refrigerators have many advanced features: LCD touch screens with features like calendar, schedule and wireless TV.

Whirlpool Refrigerators - Made by Largest Appliance Manufacturer
Whirlpool refrigerators are made by the largest appliance manufacturer in the world.

Magic Chef refrigerators - Dependable Brand Appliances
Magic Chef Refrigerators is a household name of dependable brand appliances found across the nation.

Haier Refrigerator – High-Quality Refrigeration You Can Trust from Haier
Haier Refrigerator may be the missing appliance in your kitchen. Don’t miss out on the advantages of high-quality Haier fridges.

LG Refrigerators - Appliance You Can Trust
LG Refrigerators - LG, a Korean consumer electronics & appliance giant, is a leader in bottom freezer refrigerators

Maytag Refrigerators - Major Player in Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
Maytag refrigerators were among the first to introduce Counter depth and French door models with external ice makers and water dispensers.

Amana Refrigerators - A Value Brand by Whirlpool
All Amana refrigerators have a special antimicrobial lining on the door and deli bins. Our reviews will help you choose the most suitable fridge.

Avanti Refrigerators - Avanti Compact Refrigerators
Avanti Refrigerators can make us happy with the compact units they offer. Among the best compact refrigerators available, can fit into small spaces.

KitchenAid Refrigerators - Quality Will Never Be an Issue
KitchenAid refrigerators are a high end brand. Intended for kitchen enthusiasts, they are durable yet affordable and offer great value for money.

GE Freezers - Choose Quality, Choose General Electric Freezers
When it comes to quality, GE freezers have the reputation of meeting and exceeding consumer’s expectations. Let us explain why.

Refrigerator Water Filters - Why You Should Invest In One
Refrigerator water filters can help cleanse your drinking water and ensure your family’s safety. Learn more about how these filters can benefit you.

Refrigerator Food Storage Tips - Correct Refrigerator Temperature Settings
Refrigerator food storage tips, freezer food storage tips, correct refrigerator temperature settings, refrigerator maintenance and usage tips.

The Right Refrigerator Temperature - for Freshness and Long Shelf Life
Setting your refrigerator temperature correctly impacts the longevity and freshness of the food and beverages you store in you fridge and freezer.

Stainless Steel Refrigerator - Stylish, Functional, Aesthetic and Affordable
Your kitchen deserves to have a stainless steel refrigerator. The benefits in terms of aesthetic and functions are worth more than the extra price

Appliance Insurance or Putting Money Aside - Which is Better?
Appliance insurance - do you need it or not? We have all been there - a mayor appliance breaks down and we wish there was a way we would not need to...

Frigidaire Professional FPRH19D7LF 18.6 cu ft Freezerless Refrigerator Stainless Steel
Frigidaire Professional FPRH19D7LF 18.6 cu ft All Refrigerator, Full-Width Humidity Controlled Clear Crisper, Performance Lighting, Optional Trim Kit

Best Rated Refrigerators Reviews

Whirlpool GX5FHDXVY Gold 24.8 cu ft French Door Refrigerator IceMaker Auto Defrost, Stainless Steel
Whirlpool GX5FHDXVY is part of Whirlpool Gold Series of appliances. It is a French Door Refrigerator with 24.8 cu. ft. total volume and a lot of features: 4 Spillproof Adjustable Glass Shelves, 2 Humidity-Controlled Crispers, Clear Dairy Compartment, Flat Front Pantry Drawer, Bottle Caddy and 4 Clear Door Bins (1 Gallon-Size) and 2 Freezer Baskets. It also features Factory Installed Automatic IceMaker with PuR Water Filtration System. Up-Front Temperature Controls and Automatic Defrost System make life easier. Monochromatic Stainless Steel Finish. also available in following colors:

Whirlpool GX5FHDXVA Gold 24.8 cu ft French Door Refrigerator IceMaker Auto Defrost, Monochromatic Satina

Whirlpool GX5FHDXVB Gold 24.8 cu ft French Door Refrigerator IceMaker Auto Defrost, Black

Whirlpool GX5FHDXVQ Gold 24.8 cu ft French Door Refrigerator IceMaker Auto Defrost, White

Samsung RB217ACRS 20.0 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Twin Cooling System, Power Freeze/Cool, LED Lighting, Ice Maker, Stainless Steel
Samsung RB217ACRS 20.0 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with 3 Glass Shelves, Twin Cooling System, Temperature Sensor, Power Freeze/Cool Options, LED Lighting, Ice Maker and External Digital Display/Control. Add convenience and style to your kitchen with Samsung RB217ACRS bottom freezer refrigerator. It is 33" wide but still has a 20 cu. ft. capacity - perfect for small spaces since it's nearly 3" slimmer than conventional models. The compartments you use the most are at eye level so you spend less time looking for your food and more time enjoying it. Plus, food stays extra fresh with Twin Cooling System. It maintains an ideal temperature to keep your food just as tasty as it was when you first bought it. And the internal digital display makes controlling the refrigerator easy. Best yet, it's ENERGY STAR compliant - so can rest assure it's energy efficient. Stainless Steel finish.
Also available in following colors:

Samsung RB217ACPN Stainless Platinum

Samsung RB217ACWP White Pearl

Samsung RB217ACBP Black Pearl

GE GTR12HBXRWW 12 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator, Crisper Drawers, Beverage Rack, White
GE GTR12HBXRWW is a 12 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with Adjustable Wire Shelves, Fixed Door Shelves, 2 Clear Crisper Drawers and In-The-Door Beverage Rack. Equipped for optional icemaker - decide whether you want the convenience of an automatic icemaker. White finish.

Samsung RF217ACRS 20 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator, Twin Cooling System, LED Lighting, Internal LED Display & Filtered Icemaker, Stainless Steel
Samsung RF217ACRS 20 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator with 3 Glass Shelves, Twin Cooling System, Surround Air Flow, Power Freeze/Power Cool, LED Lighting, Internal LED Display and Filtered Icemaker. Stainless Steel finish. The fridge is 33" wide but still has a 20 cu. ft. capacity - perfect for small spaces since it's nearly 3" slimmer than conventional models. Plus its french door design puts everything within reach - and conveniently at eye level, so you don't have to spend time searching for what you need. And its innovative cooling technology keep food fresher for longer - Twin Cooling Plus System and surround air flow maintain proper temperatures and circulate even cooling. Stainless Steel finish.
Also available in following colors:

Samsung RF217ACPN Stainless Platinum

Samsung RF217ACWP White Pearl

Samsung RF217ACBP Black Pearl

GE PSCS3RGXSS Profile 23.3 cu ft Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator Ice & Water Dispenser Stainless Steel
GE PSCS3RGXSS Profile is a 23.3 cu. ft. Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator with 3 Glass Shelves, Clear Gallon Door Storage and External Ice/Water Dispenser. External Ice and Water Dispenser with LED lighting, filtration system and UltraFlow100 - dispenses 100 ounces of filtered water per minute. Finished in Stainless Steel.
Also available in following colors:

GE PSCS3RGXCC Profile Bisque

GE PSCS3RGXWW Profile White

GE PSCS3RGXBB Profile Black