Kenmore Refrigerators

The Name You Can Trust - Sold at Sears Stores

Kenmore refrigerators are mostly produced by Whirlpool, the largest appliance manufacturer in the world. Some models are also made by other manufacturers – LG (sometimes also called LG Kennmore), Electrolux, etc.

Kenmore is a household name in US, with one in three homes having at least one Kenmore appliance. Kenmore brand of appliances are only sold at Sears chain of stores.

Kenmore offers several lines of refrigerators, including Kenmore PRO, Kenmore Elite and Kenmore Elite Trio.

The Kenmore Elite and Elite Trio refrigerators already offer many advanced features such as hidden through the door water and ice dispensers, LED lighting and color LCD touch screen controls.

Consumers who purchase Kenmore refrigerators know what they are getting in return for their money – excellent performance and over-all satisfaction. Considering the unique features which come with each unit, you should not be surprised why these fridges are in demand right now. They are among the most popular not only because they are made by one of the leading names in the industry but also because their reliability has made them a trusted brand. The best thing is Kenmore has come up with different models and types, making sure that they have a refrigerator which can meet all kinds of needs and preferences.

Types of Kenmore Refrigerators

Since there are different fresh and frozen food storage needs, Kenmore offers its customers a generous selection of refrigerators to choose from. These include the following:

• Freezerless Refrigerator – if you want to enjoy more than enough fresh food storage, you might want to consider getting this fridge. Its freezerless design means plenty of storage space. Buy items in bulk and you will need not to worry if it will fit inside your refrigerator. This particular model is actually perfect as a second refrigerator.

• Top Freezer Refrigerator – perfect for individuals who has moderate fresh food storage needs, this fridge can provide you with ample space for your fresh and frozen food. You will also appreciate its classic design, giving your kitchen a quiet elegance.

• Bottom Freezer Refrigerator – for tall individuals, bending down to search for an item inside the refrigerator is indeed inconvenient. But with the bottom freezer fridge, there is no need to do so since everything is at eye level.

• Side by Side Refrigerator – if you have a large kitchen, you will benefit from this type of fridge as it is designed to hold a larger quantity of fresh and frozen food. It usually comes with an ice and water dispenser. Of course, you cannot ignore its stylishness, which makes any kitchen look modern.

• Compact Refrigerator – for individuals who have very little need for a refrigerator, you should probably go with a compact or mini refrigerator. You would certainly not worry about where to put it since their small size allows it to fit almost anywhere.

General Features

When it comes to meeting refrigeration needs, Kenmore has made it their mission to come up with features which will please their loyal customers. For starters, their units are Energy Star certified which means they consume energy efficiently and you get to save in utility bills. Every unit comes with spill proof shelves and adjustable bins and drawers, which makes organizing food very simple and fun.


If you decide to buy one of these Kenmore refrigerators, you know you are getting your money’s worth. You will not regret such decision especially after you saw for yourself what this refrigerator is capable of. The fact it is a Kenmore should be enough to put your mind at ease. For sure, you will enjoy many years of excellent performance and service. Just make sure you consider factors such as budget, capacity and features in order to choose the right unit.


Consumers who have already bought Kenmore refrigerators are generally satisfied with their unit although there are some few who complained about its relatively higher price. As always, making a purchase requires you to be discerning. If you are to buy a refrigerator because of its price, you might find yourself buying another one in a couple of years. Think about your purchase as an investment and always look at what you are getting in return for the money you paid. If you really want to enjoy savings, you might want to look at online deals.


At the end of the day, what matters is the quality of the refrigerator you are buying. Kenmore refrigerators are actually poplar for the right reasons and if you are serious about making the right buying decision, you should put their fridges in your shortlist. With their impressive features and excellent performance, there is no excuse for not considering this fridge a worthy investment.

Kenmore is an environmentally oriented brand - on Sears web site, they offer Energy Star rating for all Kenmore refrigerators, with the Elite and Elite Trio lines having most models Energy Star qualified. They also list yearly electricity consumption data under specifications for each refrigerator, so you can easily compare not just purchase price but also running costs of different refrigerator models.

Buying one of these Kenmore refrigerators is a decision that you will be proud of. These fridges are very reliable, in terms of performance and you will enjoy value for your money.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerators - Excellent Performance and Superb Reliability
Purchasing one of Kenmore Elite refrigerators should not be done on impulse. You should learn about its features to know what you are getting in return. Although you can trust a Kenmore Elite refrigerator when it comes to meeting your refrigeration needs, it certainly would work to your advantage if you find out what kind of features these models offers. This way, you can be sure all your fresh food storage requirements are met.

Kenmore Freezers
Major purchases like Kenmore freezers require a lot of thought and consideration. After all, you would only want to buy this kind of home appliance for long term. Looking at what a freezer from Kenmore can offer is the only way you can determine if it is right for you. Knowing it is made by one of the most trusted names in the industry should not be enough. Instead, spending time to learn about the various features, which come with each unit, and finding out if they could satisfy your frozen food storage needs and preferences are of utmost importance.

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