Maytag MSD2559XEW Side By Side Refrigerator White

25.8 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator, 3 Adjustable Spill-Catcher Shelves, FreshLock Crisper, Adjusti-Temp Deli Drawer, Adaptive Defrost, External Water/Ice Dispenser

Maytag MSD2559XEW is a 25.8 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator with 3 Adjustable Spill-Catcher Shelves, FreshLock Crisper, Adjusti-Temp Deli Drawer, Adaptive Defrost and External Water/Ice Dispenser: White

You don't have to give up convenience to get a super-efficient refrigerator. Maytag MSD2559XEW 25 cu. ft. side-by-side refrigerator is 30 percent more efficient than minimum federal standards require, using less energy than a 60-watt bulb running continuously. The EcoConserve model also features the Store-N-Door dispensing system, which gives you enough room for 17 half-gallons of ice cream. Also, it has a FreshLock crisper with humidity control to help keep your apples and carrots crisp, and the Adjusti-Temp deli drawer to help keep your cold cuts fresh. And get your choice of water, crushed ice, or smaller Right Size ice cubes from the LED-controlled PUR filtered dispenser. Get the best of both worlds.

Other Available Colors and Options:

Maytag MSD2559XEB, Black
Maytag MSD2559XEM, Monochromatic Stainless Steel


  • 25 Cu. Ft. Total Capacity
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • Store-N-Door Ice Dispensing System
  • Right Size Ice Cubes
  • PuR Push-Button Water and Ice Filter
  • Three Adjustable Spill-Catcher Shelves
  • FreshLock Crisper with Humidity Control
  • Snack Pan with Roller Track
  • Adjusti-Temp Deli Drawer
  • Control Lockout
  • Factory Installed Ice Maker
  • Water Filter Change Reminder Light
  • Covered Dairy Compartment
  • Wire Freezer Shelves
  • Adaptive Defrost
Maytag MSD2559XEW 25.8 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator, 3 Adjustable Spill-Catcher Shelves, FreshLock Crisper, Adjusti-Temp Deli Drawer, Adaptive Defrost, External Water/Ice Dispenser


Freezer Capacity: 10.2 cu. ft.
Refrigerator Capacity: 15.6 cu. ft.
Total Capacity: 25.8 cu. ft.
Energy Star: Yes
Dispenser Features
Dispenser Lockout: Yes
Theatre Lighting: Yes
Filter Features
Water Filter Type: PUR push-button water and ice filter
Water Filter Location: Base Grille
Door Alarm: Yes
Water Filter Indicator/Reset: Yes
Freezer Features
Number of Baskets: 1
Basket 1 Description: Plastic Bin
Shelf Type: Wire
Icemaker Type: Store-N-Door ice dispensing system
Ice Bucket: Store-N-Door ice dispensing system
Refrigerator Features
Door Bin Description: Gallon Storage
Door Bin Quantity: 4
Total Shelves: 4
Shelf Type: Spill-Catcher
Drawer 1: Snack
Drawer 2: Crisper
Drawer 3: Adjusti-Temp deli drawer
Door Style: Contour Smooth
Cutout Depth: 28 7/8"
Cutout Height: 70 1/4"
Cutout Width: 36"
Depth with Door Open 90 Degrees: 49 7/8"
Height To Top Of Cabinet: 68 7/8"
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Some Maytag MSD2559XEW Features:

  • ENERGY STAR Qualified - Saves up to $670 in lifetime energy costs
  • Store-N-Door Ice Dispensing System - The ice bin is in the door for more usable freezer storage space. In side-by-side models with this feature, usable freezer space is increased by 15% compared to 25 cu. Ft. Maytag refrigerator models with conventional ice makers.
  • Highly Rated by a leading consumer magazine
  • Right Size Ice Cubes - These smaller ice cubes are more compact than normal ice, making them an ideal fit for refillable water bottles and easier to blend for smoothies.
  • Adjusti-Temp Deli Drawer - Helps preserve freshness of meat, cheese and other deli items by allowing cool air from the freezer to enter the drawer at an adjustable level.
  • PUR Push-Button Water and Ice Filter with Indicator Light - Reduces additional contaminants from household water while retaining fluoride, giving you filtered water from your refrigerator for up to 6 months. Features simple push-button replacement. The indicator light lets you know when it's time to change the filter.
  • Three Adjustable Spill-Catcher Shelves - Sealed edges help contain spills for quick and easy cleanup. Plus, the slide-out design lets you reach items at the back of the shelf without removing other items.
  • FreshLock Crisper with Humidity Control
  • Snack Pan with Roller Track

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