Refrigerator Types

Other Refrigerator types: Freezerless, Undercounter, Cabinet Depth, Desktop, Apartment Size, Refrigerator Drawers, Chest Freezer, Upright Freezer

Here you will find short descriptions of popular Refrigerator Types. The most popular types (listed in the menu on the left) can be found below.

Undercounter Refrigerator - Practical Space Saving Cooling System

Undercounter refrigerator will fit perfectly under a kitchen counter, providing all features of an ordinary refrigerator.
People are looking out for space saving appliances to accommodate the essential goodies in a kitchen without stuffing it too much. Undercounter refrigerators are used in kitchens to supplement a tall refrigerator. A fridge under the counter with extra depth can totally replace tall fridges if you live alone or as a couple. Just because the size of the fridge is small, don’t assume that features will be minimal.

Sub-Zero UC24C Undercounter Refrigerator Requires Panels
Sub-Zero UC24C 4.7 cu ft 24 in Built-in Undercounter Refrigerator, 8-Bottle Wine Storage, Glass Shelves, LCD Display, Star-K Certified, Custom Panel
Also available colors and options:
•  Sub-Zero UC24CI Automatic Ice Maker, Requires Panels

Cabinet Depth Refrigerators - Utilize Space in Your Kitchen Effectively

Cabinet depth refrigerators are an ideal choice for a kitchen that has limited space as the refrigeration unit directly goes into the cabinet space. They have a shallow depth that will make it possible for you to install a full sized fridge with it’s front edge fitting flush with your kitchen cabinet edges.
Such a refrigerator can be an excellent addition to your kitchen if the space constraint restricts you from installing a full 32” deep refrigerator. Your kitchen will look more manageable and elegant when fridge is hidden inside cabinet space. Fridge that fits inside your cabinet can be taller and wider depending on the size of your kitchen cabinet. However, you can't expect a built in fridge to be as deep as a stand alone fridge.

Refrigerator Drawers - Create More Storage Space

KitchenAid Architect II KDDC24CVS 24 You can certainly make life simpler with refrigerator drawers. These refrigeration units are designed to provide you with extra fresh food storage space without the need to worry about where to put them. This new innovation in refrigeration was conceptualized to address issues often encountered by consumers with small kitchens or those who simply want to maximize kitchen space and is becoming a popular refrigerator type.
They are installed under your counters and usually used to store beverages and snacks. Instead of buying an extra freezer or upgrading to a new refrigerator, you might first want to look at the benefits and advantages offered by these fridge drawers.

Sub-Zero 700BR Drawer Refrigerator with Custom Panels & Handles
Sub-Zero 700BR 27in 5.3 cu ft Built-in Double Drawer Refrigerator, Bright Interior Lighting, Open Alarm, Digital Controls, Requires Panels/Handles

Apartment Size Refrigerators - Enjoy a Perfect Fit

If you are just starting out, apartment size refrigerators are the refrigerators you should check out. Apartment size fridges may be small but you can certainly depend on them to provide you with your fresh food storage needs. Appliance manufacturers these days are more sensitive to the needs of consumers especially those who are living on their own or have small kitchen space.
As a result, these refrigerators are designed to be efficient, space-savers and stylish. Of course, you should know there are different types and you should base your decision on certain factors before you go out and buy one.

Desktop Refrigerators - Fresh Food Within Reach

Desktop refrigerators are just perfect for keeping your sandwich or sodas fresh and cold. As their name implies, these small refrigerators can be placed on top of your desk for easy access. Some units are small and light enough to be carried around while there are units which are designed for use in dorm rooms or home offices. You can even bring them for long drives or you simply want to have ready refreshment as you travel with your family in your car.

Chest Freezers - The Most Efficient Freezer Type

If you require a bigger freezer, the chest type is certainly up to the challenge. They can be quite convenient compared to a regular refrigerator freezer unit and not to mention cost efficient at the end of the day. Deciding on buying a Chest freezer entails a careful look at its features, advantages and disadvantages. In particular, you need to check its capacity, energy efficiency and of course, price. It is the only way you can truly find out if this particular freezer type can meet your frozen food requirements. To make things easier for you, you can choose to compare it with Upright Freezers.

Counter Depth Refrigerators - Complete the Look of Your Kitchen

Counter depth refrigerators are the same in size as regular refrigerators except that they are slightly shorter in depth as they need to fit inside an allotted space in the kitchen counter. Regular refrigerators have a depth of around 32" while the counter-depth style only has around 27" at the most. What they lack in depth is compensated by additional height and weight.
This style is different from top refrigerator type, which are mostly built into a shelf that forms part of the kitchen cabinet. These refrigerators are mostly full-sized but are just not as deep as the regular ones.

Shallow Depth Refrigerators - Fit Perfectly With Your Existing Kitchen Decor

Refrigerators with shallow depth are becoming popular in many households. The popularity of this style of refrigeration unit is due to homeowners' preference for continuity of line, choosing cabinet-depth units that offer a built-in effect instead of the traditional bulky refrigerators. Many shallow depth refrigerators are freestanding, measuring not more than 72 inches in height, have boxed-in design with surrounding cabinetry and custom panels. This style of refrigeration unit is a common addition in remodeling projects where the height requires for the installation of built-in appliance that is not available. Plus, shallow depth refrigerators are more affordable than built in units.

Popular Refrigerator Types

Side by Side Refrigerators - The Favorite Among Buyers

Side by side refrigerators are by far the most popular refrigerator type and are perceived as American Refrigerators in other parts of the world. Most have two doors, with slightly narrower freezer compartment on the left and refrigerator on the right. Some models have four doors and hence four separate compartments.
For many, the Side By Side refrigerators are considered to be the perfect fridge. It does not matter which manufacturer you buy from, the bottom line is they can offer you two things: style and storage space.

French Door Refrigerators - Suitable for Trendy People

French door refrigerators are a relatively new addition to refrigerator lineup. They combine a classic two door (French door) side by side refrigerator on top of a single or double drawer type freezer. Cheaper models have internal water dispensers & ice makers (or do not have them at all).
They do not have any large advantages over other refrigerator types. Their popularity is partially due to their frequent appearance on home and garden TV shows.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators - Most Reliable Refrigerators

Bottom freezer refrigerators are the most energy efficient and most reliable fridges. They are also less expensive than side by side and other more stylish refrigerator types.
While bottom freezer models are slightly more expensive than top freezer ones, they are more user friendly, since having freezer at the bottom means no need to bend to reach the lower shelves. The freezer part on the other hand is a bit harder to reach, but it is used less frequently anyway.

Top Freezer Refrigerators - Simple, Efficient, Affordable

Top freezer refrigerators are together with bottom freezer ones the most reliable and energy efficient refrigerators. They are also less expensive than side by side and other more stylish refrigerator types. They account for almost half of all refrigerators sold, though the trend is changing toward other types.
Start-up families will certainly appreciate top freezer refrigerators. Compared to other refrigerators, these fridges are simple, space savers and most of all, efficient.

Built In Refrigerator - Refrigerators That Help You Save Space, Save Money

The built in refrigerator is a widely preferred refrigerator type, especially for homes where there is limited space in the kitchen.
This is a refrigerator type that is built into your kitchen cabinetry, as opposed to refrigerators that stand on their own. There are many types of built in fridges as there are many areas in the kitchen where they can be placed and many parts of the kitchen from which they can extend, such as cabinets and counters.
These types of refrigerators come with a lot of advantages over the traditional stand alone fridges and can now be found in a lot of homes.

Freezerless Refrigerators - Refrigerators without Freezer Compartment

Let's face it – there are a number of situations where a freezerless refrigerator is preferred over a "standard" freezer – refrigerator combo. Perhaps you have a separate freezer-only unit, maybe you are looking for a secondary refrigerator to be used in your pool house, you never buy frozen food, you do almost no cooking at all?
Or you are simply looking for a fridge to keep your beverages cool?

Upright Freezers - Easily Accessible Frozen Food Storage

Most people who require extra freezer space will usually think about upright models. But before you hunt for the best deals being offered in the market, it would be smart if you first determine if this particular type of freezer is for you. After all, investing in such appliance is a big decision and you would not want to end up making a costly mistake. Although it would only be natural for you to immediately compare it to the other type of freezers - Chest Freezers - it is better if you simply list the pros and cons. It would certainly help you be more objective.

Refrigerator Reviews

LG LRBP1031T Bottom Freezer Cabinet Depth Refrigerator Review
The LG LRBP1031T is indeed worth buying, considering it is one of the most popular refrigerators under the LG brand. Of course, just like any product, it would be beneficial for the consumers to find out what they are getting in return for their money.

KitchenAid KSRP25FSSS Side by Side Refrigerator Review
KitchenAid KSRP25FSSS Refrigerator is certainly worth checking out for anyone in the market for a new fridge. Why? For starters, this model is considered to be among the most popular refrigerators in the market today and you would not want to miss the chance to see what the commotion is all about.

Electrolux EI26SS55GS Side by Side Refrigerator Review
Electrolux EI26SS55GS refrigerator can meet all your fresh and frozen food storage requirements while guaranteeing reliability. Manufactured by one of the leading names in appliances, you will not even think twice about purchasing a unit once you have seen what it can offer.

Danby DFF9102BLS Affordable Top Freezer Refrigerator Review
When it comes to affordability, Danby DFF9102BLS is the leader of the pack. This top freezer refrigerator offers a stylish yet affordable solution to your refrigeration needs. Classified as an apartment refrigerator, it has more than enough storage space to accommodate your fresh and frozen food storage requirements. It offers unparalleled innovation, quality and value.

Amana AFD2535FES French Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator Review
The purchase of major kitchen appliances such as an Amana AFD2535FES is indeed something you should be very careful about. After all, you would not want to invest in something and realize too late that you could have been better off with another brand. One of your first considerations should be the manufacturer.