Refrigerator Water Filters

Why You Should Invest In One

Refrigerator water filters are water filters that are built into or are installed as an extension to refrigerators.

Their main task is to filter the water that is dispensed from the refrigerator. Due to this, it is considered an indispensable type of equipment to use at home because it ensures that household members consume clean and safe filtered drinking water. The filtration method used by fridge filters is also more convenient and allows you to get filtered drinking water with no delay. These filters often come out the winner when compared to other drinking water filter systems such as pitcher or faucet filters.

Why Use Fridge Filters

Refrigerator water filters provide plenty of benefits, and most of these benefits are not offered by other drinking water filtration systems. Water filters that filter water at point of use, which also refers to the dispensing point, are advantageous because they make sure water is purified the very moment before you drink it, leaving no room for uncertainties.

As for the quality of filtration, you don’t have to worry either. Several fridge filter models, such as the Adq36006101 filter, can remove most contaminants; aside from that, however, some models can also help maintain the pH balance of drinking water by removing contaminants but retaining important minerals. On top of that, some of the more comprehensive filtration systems can actually remove cryptosporidium and giardia from the water you drink, thus giving your protection from gastrointestinal diseases and, in some cases, even cancer. Based on this, you can choose from either the charcoal-based systems as well as carbon block water filters.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Studies showed that there are more than 1200 contaminants floating around in most water systems, so your drinking water can lead to dire, unpleasant effects if you don’t have an effective point-of-use water filtration method. It’s a good thing several fridge filter models come with a multi-step filtration process that uses up to 2 strainers but still instantly quenches your thirst when you needed.

Refrigerator water filters also allow you to get clean and perfectly safe drinking water without spending too much on buying bottled water all the time. Although the filters require some investment, the cost of buying a refrigerator filter is less than what you would spend if you just kept on buying bottled water. And since these filters are installed in refrigerators, dispensing is easy.

All in all, fridge filters are more effective than pitcher filters or faucet systems because they are more convenient. You don’t need to wait for the pitcher filters to filter the water; once you dispense water, you instantly get clean and safe drinking water.

Some Downsides to Consider

Despite the overflowing number of benefits offered by this specific type of filtration product, there are also some limitations to what it can do. One problem that a lot of consumers encounter when it comes to refrigerator water filters is that installation is more complicated since it has to be installed in the refrigerator. So if you really want to enjoy the benefits of refrigerator filters, you can also choose models that are easier to install - the in-line water filters, which are installed in the water line connected to the refrigerator.

The Verdict: To Buy Fridge Filters or Not?

Refrigerator water filters are highly advantageous products that are highly recommended for use at home for protection of your family since they make drinking water safer to drink.

Whether you will benefit from your fridge water filter also depends on you, though. There are a lot of these products being sold these days, so make sure you choose the right product. Look for the products that are able to remove more contaminants than other filters. If you have any idea as to what kinds of contaminants you have to guard against, then this will help you choose the most suitable product for you. For example, you can find models that can remove chlorine, lead, or bacteria, which are commonly found in drinking water.

It is also best to choose a fridge filter that can also filter the water used for making ice. There are models identified as water and ice refrigerator filters. These products can help you be sure that every glass of water drank within your household is safe and clean.

Water filters for GE Refrigerators
A GE refrigerator water filter is one of the bestselling products of GE’s water filtration collection. GE is a world-renowned manufacturer of various household appliances, and their water filtration systems are some of the most highly trusted. GE is now a household name, so a lot of people trust only GE to ensure the safety of the water that they consume at home.

Amana Fridge Water filter

To drink water filtered by Amana water filters is indeed a good thing. After all, you are not only ensuring the health of your family but you are also enjoying savings since you will no longer need to buy bottled water for drinking. These water filters are actually capable of removing and reducing all kinds of harmful contaminants such as lead, particulates and cysts.

Maytag Water filter

Your decision to buy a Maytag fridge water filter to meet your drinking water needs is something you will not regret. After all, the commitment to manufacture home appliances “built to last” is taken seriously by this company. Maytag has been in the business since 1907 and is quite passionate about coming up with innovative solutions to make life even more enjoyable for consumers.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Water filter

With a Whirlpool fridge water filter, ensuring the safety of your family from water-borne diseases can be made easy. Made by one of the respected names in the business, these refrigerator water filters reduce and remove water contaminants as certified by the National Safety Foundation. For many years now, the company has committed itself to manufacturing appliances for the home, which make life simpler and more comfortable.

Water filter for Kenmore Refrigerator

For your family’s drinking water needs, Kenmore fridge water filters are a good choice. You will always be able to enjoy great tasting water, free of harmful contaminants. You can trust these water filters especially since they are one of the best selling products of a company which has been in business since 1927. To date, Kenmore has more than 50 percent market share proving consumers are impressed with the appliances’ quality.

Kitchenaid Water filter

Reliable is one word to describe a KitchenAid fridge water filters. Manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation, you can depend on these filters to provide your family’s drinking water needs. The KitchenAid brand has always been considered to be one of the industry’s best, providing families all throughout the world with products that are easy to use, durable and stylish in design since 1919.

Water Filters for Samsung Refrigerators - Easy Access to Clean Water

Clean and pure water is what Samsung refrigerator water filter can provide to you and your family. You can install a filter system in your whole house which can be quite expensive or you can buy a refrigerator with a water filter feature. Many refrigerators have built-in water dispenser, usually located in the door. Filtering the water that flows through this dispenser will be beneficial to your health.
Having a water filter in your refrigerator is one of the most convenient and cost-effective way of getting clean, pure and healthy drinking water. Instead of filling a jug with filtered water from the tap and placing it inside your freezer to cool, you can save a lot of time if you have a refrigerator water filter.

Best Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridge

Water filter cartridges in refrigerators have actually eliminated the need for expensive bottled water that typical families purchase to ensure they are getting the safest form of drinking water. The built in water and ice dispensers in most models of refrigerators nowadays has made life even more easier as they can easily be tackled even by little children. When choosing a model of refrigerator that comes with a water and ice dispenser, be sure to pick one that comes with an indicator light that will tell you when it is time for replacing the cartridge.

Inline Mounted Water Filters - Your Best Defense Against Diseases

Enjoy safe drinking water by installing inline water filters. There are many water filters on the market that can provide you and your family healthy drinking water. They are effective in removing contaminants out of your water, leaving only minerals for truly clean and delicious water. However, just like any other products that your family will use every day, you need to thoroughly study your water filter options before you go shopping for one. Understanding how an inline water filter works is the best start.

Refrigerator Ice Maker - Makes Life Easy for Busy Consumers

A refrigerator icemaker is a must in every home. It is one of the major features that any smart consumers should consider when buying a refrigeration unit. The conveniences that an ice-making refrigeration unit can bring to a household make investing in this appliance worth your time and money. You can have all the ice that you would need anytime of the day or night. If you have unexpected guests, you do not have to run to the store to buy blocks of ice because there is always available ice cubes that you can readily dispense and use.

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