Undercounter Refrigerator

Practical Space Saving Cooling System

Undercounter refrigerator will fit perfectly under a kitchen counter, providing all features of an ordinary refrigerator.

While appliances are needed in every kitchen, the size of the appliance is often one of the most talked about factors.

People are looking out for space saving appliances to accommodate the essential goodies in a kitchen without stuffing it too much. Undercounter refrigerators are used in kitchens to supplement a tall refrigerator. A fridge under the counter with extra depth can totally replace tall fridges if you live alone or as a couple. Just because the size of the fridge is small, don’t assume that features will be minimal.

Fridge Under The Counter Is More Practical

Under counter fridge is usually loaded with all features you may expect from any refrigerator. Depending on the type of model you choose, you can store food, meat, alcohol, and wine. Refrigerators and freezers are indispensable kitchen equipments and a simple fridge under the counter can provide you with everything you need. If you can't afford to buy a tall fridge due to budget restriction or space constraint, you can always go for the under the counter refrigerator model.

In many households, a single refrigerator may not be sufficient. You have to freeze food and meat everyday and you may like to have your own bar in your home. The best way to store wine and alcohol is to preserve them at ideal temperature. This can be achieved with a dedicated undercounter fridge designed exclusively for storing beverages. Instead of stuffing your favorite drinks inside your regular refrigerator, you can use under counter fridge to store beverages separately so as to form a perfect bar in your home.

Undercounter Refrigeration System Types

Undercounter refrigerator is available in two different types – stand alone and built in.

Stand alone models are typically single full fledged fridges that can be easily installed in space available under the counter. These refrigerators vent heat out back and hence, there must be at least 2.5” clearance for the freestanding appliance.

Built in under counter refrigerators on the other hand are customized to your counter space and they vent heat out in the front.

French door Undercounter refrigerator should be your choice if you need a full fledged fridge under kitchen counter. These refrigerator models have double doors and a couple of drawers for freezer. They may also have an external ice or water dispenser. Counter depth refrigerators are deeper, providing more storage space.

Under counter refrigerator is available in stainless steel model with stainless steel doors at the front and with glass doors. Glass doors reveal what you have stored inside and hence, such a model can make a great bar at your home. Since the body parts are made of stainless steel for all refrigerators, it is very easy and simple to clean and maintain your fridge.

Finding The Right Fridge For Your Kitchen Is Indispensable

Standard undercounter fridge is 34” tall and 24” wide. You have to measure cabinet space available in your kitchen before you shop for fridges to be placed under your kitchen counter. You can find shorter or taller models with some companies. These refrigerators may be bulky, but they blend perfectly well under the counter. Moreover, they have a sleek design that adds to the beauty of your kitchen.

Finding the right undercounter fridge can turn out to be problematic at times with different models available. It is not very easy to replace a tall fridge with a shorter one and hence, you should be ready to compromise storage area for the space occupied by the appliance. Built in fridges are expensive than freestanding models. Despite your perfect planning, you will soon run out of storage space with shorter models.

Undercounter refrigerator can be a great addition to your kitchen if you are looking for a supplementary freezer space or extra compartment to store beverages separately. It can easily augment your kitchen storage area. You need to look out for various features available and choose a model that fits your needs. Popular refrigerator brands such as GE, Avanti, Danby, and many others sell practical under the counter fridges suitable for modern day apartments. Always stick to your budget because certain luxury under counter fridges cost over $1500.

Sub-Zero UC24C Undercounter Refrigerator Requires Panels
Sub-Zero UC24C 4.7 cu ft 24 in Built-in Undercounter Refrigerator, 8-Bottle Wine Storage, Glass Shelves, LCD Display, Star-K Certified, Custom Panel
Also available colors and options:
•  Sub-Zero UC24CI Automatic Ice Maker, Requires Panels

GE Monogram ZIBS240PSS Freezerless Built In Undercounter Refrigerator Stainless Steel
GE Monogram ZIBS240PSS 4.25 cu ft 24 in Freezerless Built-in Compact Bar Refrigerator, Beverage Shelf, 8 lbs. Icemaker, ADA Compliant, Stainless Steel
Also available colors and options:
•  GE Monogram ZIBI240PII Requires Custom Panel and Handle

Sub-Zero 700BR Freezerless Drawer Refrigerator with Custom Panels & Handles
Sub-Zero 700BR 27in 5.3 cu ft Built-in Freezerless Double Drawer Refrigerator, Bright Interior Lighting, Open Alarm, Digital Controls, Requires Panels/Handles

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