Water Filter Cartridge

Selecting the Best Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridge

Water filter cartridges in refrigerators have actually eliminated the need for expensive bottled water that typical families purchase to ensure they are getting the safest form of drinking water.

The built in water and ice dispensers in most models of refrigerators nowadays have made life simpler as they can easily be tackled even by little children. When choosing a model of refrigerator that comes with a water and ice dispenser, be sure to pick one that comes with an indicator light that will tell you when it is time for replacing the filter cartridge.

The filter cartridges need to be replaced after a time as its efficiency in delivering clean drinking water and ice is compromised with time and use.

Before time to replace the cartridge comes, owners should have already done their research to prepare for this eventuality. Make sure you are aware of the price of the replacement cartridge. You should likewise know where to purchase this replacement. The manufacturer of your fridge would definitely have this cartridge so you can just go back to them for the replacement. Some refrigerator water filters models are priced reasonably but you have to keep in mind that replacement will take place continuously for the entire length of time that you have the use of your refrigerator. The cost of replacement cartridges are subject to inflation as well as all other things.

Get to know your water filter cartridge a little better by reading its specifications and read consumer manuals as well as product customer ratings. It would be safe to assure that the water filter system in your fridge has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation but it does not hurt to double-check especially for the replacement cartridge. If there are other brands of the water filter cartridge other than the one that came with the fridge, choose the one that is capable of removing the most number of contaminants. This makes sure that the water you are drinking is as pure as it can get, especially since there really is no telling what contaminants are in the water you drink. Of course go for the brand that offers a long period of warranty. Stainless steel models come highly recommended because it is the sturdiest.

Caring for Your Cartridge

After investing in the best water filter cartridge in the market the next thing to consider is learning how to use it properly to get your money's worth. The first step to proper maintenance is following the manufacturer's guide. If it says that you need to replace your cartridge every three months, make sure you do it. If you have little or no knowledge about replacing the system you should call the manufacturer to ask if they can send someone to do it for you. Otherwise check on some handyman companies and seek for help there. One should not take on the task without proper knowledge as you may end up damaging your system in the process.

Changing the Cartridge

The indicator light will be located inside the refrigerator. Most models will have the standard green, yellow and red indicators with the green indicating that the filter cartridge is still good, the yellow indicating that you should start ordering a replacement and red for actually replacing the cartridge.

The actual water filter cartridge may be at the front of the fridge or at the base grille at the bottom. If the cartridge is at the front, you can simply open the compartment and slide the cartridge outwards. On the other hand if it is on the base grille, there would typically be a knob which you can turn counterclockwise to release the cartridge. Some refrigerator models even have a button that you can push to automatically bring out the cartridge. After replacing the old cartridge with the new one you can reset the indicator light or it can reset by itself.

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