Whirlpool Gold GX5FHTXVA French Door Refrigerator Monochromatic Satina

24.8 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator, SpillProof Shelves, Factory Installed IceMaker, PuR Water Filtration System

Whirlpool Gold GX5FHTXVA is a 24.8 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator with SpillProof Shelves, Factory Installed IceMaker and PuR Water Filtration System. Monochromatic Satina finish.

Always keep adequate supplies organized with a full-width pantry and industry-exclusive can caddy in Whirlpool Gold GX5FHTXVA ENERGY STAR qualified 25 cu. ft. bottom freezer refrigerator. The French doors open to reveal an easy access interior with a full-width pantry that can accommodate everything from pizza to cake. The exclusive can caddy holds and dispenses a 12-pack beverage box, storing it vertically in the door to save more shelf space and making it easy to pop out a can when you want it. Enabled by 6th Sense technology, the Accu-Chill Temperature Management System helps keep things fresh and the Adaptive Defrost System may result in fewer defrosts.

With interior water dispenser with PuR filtration system great-tasting water is yours when you want it. In the freezer, a basket slides out for more storage below.

Other Available Colors and Options:

Whirlpool Gold GX5FHTXVB, Black
Whirlpool Gold GX5FHTXVQ, White
Whirlpool Gold GX5FHTXVY, Monochromatic Stainless Steel


  • Contour Smooth Door with Hidden Hinges
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • 17.3 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator Compartment Volume
  • 7.5 Cu. Ft. Freezer Compartment Volume
  • 24.8 Cu. Ft. Total Capacity
  • Internal Filtered Water Dispenser
  • 4 Spillproof Adjustable Glass Shelves (2 Slide-Out)
  • 2 Humidity-Controlled Crispers
  • Clear Dairy Compartment
  • Temperature-Controlled Flat Front Pantry Drawer
  • 4 Clear Door Bins (1 Gallon-Size)
  • Door Can Pack Caddy
  • Factory Installed Automatic Ice Maker
  • Large Ice Storage Bucket (Opaque)
  • 2 Freezer Baskets
  • Lower Freezer Basket Tray
  • 2008 Energy Star Qualifed
Whirlpool Gold GX5FHTXVA 24.8 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator, SpillProof Shelves, Factory Installed IceMaker, PuR Water Filtration System


Cabinet Height: 68 1/2"
Depth Including Handles: 35 1/2"
Depth with Door Open 90 Degree: 48"
Depth: 35 1/2"
Height Including Hinge Cap: 69 7/8"
Height: 69 7/8"
Width: 35 5/8"
Approximate Capacity: 25-27 cu. ft.
Freezer Compartment Capacity: 7.5 cu. ft.
Refrigerator Compartment Capacity: 17.3 cu. ft.
Total Capacity: 24.8 cu. ft.
Contour Door: Yes
Temperature Management: Standard
Temperature Control: Up-Front
Humidity-Controlled Crisper: Yes
Defrost: Automatic
Door Shelves: 4
Energy Star Qualified: Yes
Freezer Baskets: 2
Freezer Light: Yes
Freezer Storage: 2 Baskets, 1 Drawer
Fresh Food Shelves: 4
Adjustable Gallon Door Bin: Yes
Gallon Door Bins: 1
Factory Installed IceMaker: Yes
Slide-Out SpillProof Shelving: Yes
Water Filtration System: Yes
6 Mo. PuR Water Filtration: Yes
Wine Rack: Yes


Some Whirlpool Gold GX5FHTXVA Features:

  • ENERGY STAR Qualified - Meets government standards to help conserve natural resources and save money on utility bills.
  • Interior Water Dispenser - Minimizes the need for bottled water and keeps the exterior of the refrigerator looking sleek and clean.
  • PuR 6-Month Water Filtration - Reduces unwanted impurities from household water, giving you filtered ice and water direct from your refrigerator, so you can save up to $600 a year compared to the cost of bottled water1.
  • Adaptive Defrost System (ADS) - Monitors the compressor run-time and the on time of the evaporator heater. Depending upon usage, ADS models can have fewer defrosts, saving energy and preserving food more efficiently.
  • Accu-Chill Temperature Management System - Provides accurate temperature control with foam-in-place doors and double tub construction in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments.
  • Temperature-Controlled Full-Width Pantry - Easily accomodates wide items like party platters and sheet cakes or preserves large amounts of meat and cheese.
  • Humidity-Controlled Crispers - Helps you preserve the freshness of your favorite fruits and vegetables with controlled humidity levels in the clear, extra-deep crisper.
  • Adjustable Glass Shelves
  • Adjustable Door Bins (1 Gallon Size) - Gives you the flexibility to store beverages anywhere in the refrigerator door by moving bins where and when you need them.
  • Can Caddy - Holds and dispenses beverage cans, storing them in the door to save more shelf space. The caddy is designed to hold 12-can beverage boxes.
  • Hanging Deli Drawer - Provides a dedicated place to store meats and cold cuts for quick retrieval.
  • Dairy Center
  • Drawer Freezer Door - Frozen foods are organized and quickly visible with the drawer style freezer door. Generous storage baskets in the drawer slide out for easy access to items in the back.
  • Upper Slide-Out Freezer Basket - Bring food closer to you for quick access. The slide-out basket makes it even easier to quickly spot and grab what you're looking for.
  • Lower Freezer Basket
  • Factory Installed Automatic Ice Maker
  • Freezer Light - Illuminates the freezer compartment for easier access to all your frozen items.
  • Smooth Door Finish
  • Satina Stainless-Look Finish Available - This stainless-look finish accepts magnets while resisting fingerprints. It requires no special cleaners to maintain its appearance.

NOTE: This model was discontinued, check the other available Colors and Options above.

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•  Whirlpool Gold GX5FHTXVQ White
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