Cabinet Depth Refrigerators

Utilize Space in Your Kitchen Effectively

Cabinet depth refrigerators are an ideal choice for a kitchen that has limited space as the refrigeration unit directly goes into the cabinet space.

Cabinet depth refrigerators have a shallow depth that will make it possible for you to install a full sized fridge with it’s front edge fitting flush with your kitchen cabinet edges.

Such a refrigerator can be an excellent addition to your kitchen if the space constraint restricts you from installing a full 32” deep refrigerator. Your kitchen will look more manageable and elegant when fridge is hidden inside cabinet space. Fridge that fits inside your cabinet can be taller and wider depending on the size of your kitchen cabinet. However, you can't expect a built in fridge to be as deep as a stand alone fridge.

Types Of Counter Deep Fridges

There are three main types of built-in refrigerators. Side by side refrigeration system will have refrigeration on one side and freezer on the other side. The middle area has storage space. Bottom freezer models have freezer unit at the bottom. This is an energy efficient model as freezer compartment will stay undisturbed when you want to store or remove refrigerated goods. Freezer-less built-in refrigerators are also popular for kitchens that have a separate freezer.

Cabinet depth French door refrigerators are popular choices in homes with a mini bar. You can view the stored items through the front glass door. Cabinet depth side by side refrigerators are very practical as they utilize the depth to store meals and snacks along with storage area on the sides. Built in refrigerators with top freezer compartment is impractical and hence, you can't find such one.

Some built in refrigerators come with ice makers and water dispensers. These features are useful in homes that need ice water more frequently. Exclusively designed cabinet depth refrigerators have snacks trays and wine racks. Refrigerators with dedicated storage space are much easier to maintain and they are space saving too.

Who Can Buy Cabinet depth refrigerators?

Built in refrigerators are now popular among high income earners who want their home to be customized according to their needs. Kitchen has become an important room for the family and hence, people need more space to make it easy for everyone to access the kitchen. With a refrigerator that can fit inside cabinet space, more moving space will be available in medium to small sized kitchens.

If you want to buy a cabinet depth fridge, you should be ready to shell out a few hundred dollars extra for the tremendous level of customization you can achieve. Kitchens can be completely revamped with the addition of a built in fridge so that you can bid adieu to the bored look of a tall stand alone fridge.

If you are building your kitchen from scratch, you can build a cabinet exclusively for your counter depth refrigerator. On the other hand, if you are just remodeling your kitchen, you may have to incorporate some changes with your kitchen space utilization to accommodate a full fridge inside your cabinet. The storage space that was once used for crockery will fit a fridge and hence, you need to figure out where you want to store those items that were previously stored in the cabinet.

Counter depth refrigerators are expensive than classic models. Even though these refrigerators flush with your kitchen cabinet, handles of the fridge may still be protruding. Despite its height and width, you will normally have less space inside a fridge inside your cabinet, but you can save about 6 inches of storage space in your kitchen with such a fridge.

Choosing a Cabinet depth fridge

Before buying cabinet depth french door refrigerators, you have to measure the width, height and depth of your cabinet where you want to fit the full size fridge. Not all companies follow a standard length and width of cabinet depth fridge. It is better to compare different models with different companies to find out whether the specified model fits your kitchen cabinet.

Many international companies such as Whirlpool, Haier, Frigidaire, LG, Samsung, Kenmore and KitchenAid sell cabinet depth refrigerators in different sizes. Numerous non standard models of refrigerators for different sized cabinets are designed by these companies. Most of the refrigerators come in black, white and gray stainless steel and some models may have glass doors.

Cabinet Depth Refrigerators Reviews

LG LRBP1031T Bottom Freezer Cabinet Depth Refrigerator Review
Knowing this refrigerator’s great features as well as shortcomings will allow you to truly make an informed decision. The good news is when it comes to reliability; you will not have any issues. You can be assured of excellent performance as this fridge is manufactured by one of the trusted names in the industry. LG has been in the business of providing millions of people worldwide with excellent yet affordable refrigeration solutions.