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Q: We just purchased a Samsung RF266AEPN French Door Refrigerator. We've had it hooked up for 6 days. The ice maker is hooked and working but makes very little ice. Our old fridge would keep the tray (same size) filled. This refrigerator drops ice about once every 8-10 hours. We've looked through the manual and can't find any info. Also, when we purchased it we were told that one of the great things about this refrigerator was the lower humidity because the fridge circulates its air and the freezer circulates its air...which should reduce/eliminate frost on ice cream and other packaged foods in freezer. We have noticed a thin layer of frost on everything (including the plastic trays/dividers) in the freezer...even inside the ice cream...which didn't happen in our other freezer. Do you have any suggestions? Do we need to change a setting? If so, where and how do we do that?

RE: You should set your freezer to -2 degrees Fahrenheit (-20°C) or lower for proper ice maker operation.
You can check if the door seals are OK by putting a piece (sheet) of paper in the gap. when you close the door, the piece of paper should be quite hard to pull out.
Perhaps you have a dud unit? I suggest you go ask the store where you bought it about standard amount of ice this unit should produce.
Before doing that, check this Samsung troubleshooting guide and try the "standard" frost troubleshooting procedure:
• Is the air vent blocked? Remove any obstructions so air can circulate freely.
• Allow sufficient space between the foods stored for efficient air circulation.
• Is the Freezer drawer closed properly?

Q: I have a side by side Whirlpool Refrigerator from 1982 or 83 that has a door on door on the fridge side for easy access to condiments and bottles, i.e. wine, soda, without having to open the main door. I see Sears is now offering an innovative door-in-door on their french door refrigerator. Knowing Sears is a label for other manufacturers, I was wondering who is making this and or are there other similiar choices out there. I love this fridge, however it is too deep for the space I have.

RE: While most Sears Kenmore branded refrigerators are made by Whirlpool, it seems this particular door-in-door model is mabe by LG. The Kenmore Elite 31 cu. ft. French-Door Grab-N-Go Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator looks more or less exactly the same as LG LFX31945ST. The only noticeable difference is dispenser controls (on top of dispenser on LG, on the left side on Kenmore). I have not found any similar model by other manufacurers.

Q: Does the 17.7 cu ft Danby DFF501WDD refrigerator (no freezer) have easy glide drawers? How much is the refrigerator and is there a discount for Memorial day? I'd really like to see one in person before I purchase there one in my area I could look at (Silver Spring, MD 20906)?

RE: The Danby DFF501WDD does not seem to have easy glide... (It is not listed among features). Price range is $700-$800, can go below $700 with discount. You can call 1-800-26-DANBY (1-800-263-2629) and there is a Danby reseller in Silver Spring:
Apache Appliance
13866 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20906
(301) 598-5557

Q: I would appreciate any input you can provide as to what sort of good or bad news you have received on this item, and which is predominant: Fisher-Paykel RF195ADUX One person suggested it only popped out 3 ice cubes in a day, another that the water dispenser dripped and could not be fixed, nother that is was very, very noisy all the time. Yet others are completely satisfied. I have priced it from Sears and a local appliance store - basically the same price. Only 30 days to get it back if it is unsatisfactory.

RE: You must understand that people are much, much more inclined to "rate" a fridge if they are unsatisfied with it. There might be 10.000 satisfied customers and only 10 not satisfied, but you might see only 3 positve reviews and 5 negative ones... I'd say give this refrigerator a try - you do have the 30 day money back guarantee after all.

Q: We have a Whirlpool Fridge and the freezer is working, but the fridge part does not seem to keep things cool. What could be wrong?

RE: Could be several things... Perhaps the air vents between fridge and freezer parts are blocked?

Q: I have a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator, approximately ten years old. It is making a loud "revving up" noise. It is cold and the freezer still works. Any comments?

RE: Does it have a fan? Sounds like a fan problem... Used to have an old chest freezer that made such noises - the fan bearings were the culprit...

Q: Some times we need a lot of fridge space, other times just a little. Same with freezer space. We have room for a full size upright refrigerator (19 cu.ft.) and a full size upright freezer. If each could be divided in 1/2 (top door/bottom door w/ separate controls to each) so i could shut off and turn on the compartments I need at the time, it would be cool! The closest i can find is "Double Temperature Cabinet with Four Doors and Electronic Temperature Control". Any helpful ideas?

RE: Liebherr has several 4 and 5 temperature zones 48" side by side refrigerators. One of them is this model:
Liebherr Premium Plus SBS20H1 Built In Side By Side Refrigerator
18.7 cu. ft. 48" Four door built-in Fully Integrated Side by Side Refrigerator

Q: I have a Liebherr C1651 that I got for a steal because it is a "blemished" item. It looks like it incurred some shipping damage, as the back side is a bit banged up. My problem: The power cable was removed (USA 120V). The cable came with it, but I can't easily identify which terminals to connect the black and white wires to (In the box on the upper rear through which all the wires pass/interconnect). Do you have any information or a service manual that would be helpful? Thank you.

RE: No, sorry. Either contact Liebherr or get an experienced technician to help - I assume more or less all Liebherr fridges have the same connection terminals. Perhaps the store you bought it from can help?

Q: I need to buy the refrigerator the one with the television, but the problem is where i can buy it and im living in Norway.

RE: As far as we know, only LG made such a model but it seems to be discontinued. I am not sure if a replacement model is available in Norway. You should check with a LG dealer.

Q: I have a freezer vitrine. At the front it says: "COOL HEAD". We have broken the door. Can I buy another door from you?

RE: Sorry, never heard of that brand or product line name...

Q: Hello there! I am impressed by the amount of information on your site... and also a bit curious about how you can afford to do this as I don't see a bunch of ads or anything that could generate income? Anyway, I am wondering if you can answer a refrigerator question: I am searching to find a highly rated french door model that has a water dispenser outside on one of the doors, but just a regular ice maker in the bottom freezer. My parents had one made by LG years back, and it was nice to have the water access without taking up tons of space in the fridge area for the ice part, too. I have found only two makes/models - one is a GE (PFSS2MJYSS), the other is a Fisher & Paykel (Active Smart RF195ADUX) which is a brand I have never heard of. Neither one has had many reviews, and the few reviews are variable. Can you offer any advice? We have a Sears Kenmore Elite (water inside) that has a dying compressor, so I thought the next time around I would try for less door opening with water outside and perhaps a more reliable brand.. unless 7 years is the best I can hope for. Maybe I should give up on that, as there are such few options.

RE: I think either of those models is a good choice. As far as quality goes, most appliances today are no longer built to last 20+ years as they used to be (the reality of new "economics"). Perhaps the very expensive brands, but who can guarantee that? The best thing to do is to buy an appliance with 5 years warranty. Some manufacturers also give 10 years warranty on the compressor. I think you can expect most fridges to last ~10 years - but that's an average. If you are unlucky, yours can die after 7 years and another maybe lasts 15+ years.
PS: this is more like a pet project, not exactly getting rich here ;-)

Q: Several households that I know of are trying to avoid fridges with anti-bacterial coatings (due to allergies and such). But it seems to be very difficult to be sure that there are none applied to the walls or shelves or in air filters and so on. For example I contacted Whirlpool in USA and spoke to 2 customer reps and 1 supervisor none of whom could find anything to indicate that anti-bacterial were used in Whirlpool fridges. And yet your write up says "most" companies are using anti-bacterials, and some other places on the internet (mostly UK sources that I found) also say they are used, sometimes even mentioning Whirlpool specifically. Refrigerators are expensive and health is important. Would you please advise how to figure out which companies and models would be free of these antibacterials? Thank you.

RE: Anti bacterial seem to be quite a hot topic. I took a picture of a BOSCH refrigerator with a sticker that says "Anti Bacteria With natural silver". Bosch refrigerator Silver Anti bacterial sticker Looks like most Bosch refrigerators have silver coatings. Same is true for Siemens, since Bosch & Siemens appliances are brands of BSH (Bosch Siemens Hausgeraete). A search of refrigerator database of reveals not a lot of refrigerators have specifically declared whether they have anti bacterial coatings or not, but our sources say most of them have... The thing I would do is to buy a refrigerator that has a declaration not to have anti bacterial coatings. The only model declared NOT to have antibacterial coating is this Bosch:
Bosch Integra B36ET71SNS French Door Refrigerator without Anti Bacterial coating

The models declared to have some Anti Bacterial Features mostly come from LG with some Blomberg & Smeg models...
LG LBC22520SB 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
LG LDC22720SW 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
LG LFC20760SW 19.7 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator, Ice Maker
LG LFC23760SB 22.6 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator, Ice Maker
Smeg FAB28UX 9.22 cu ft Top Freezer Refrigerator Silver
Blomberg BRFB1150 11.7 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Q: Can you send me the dimensions of the door panel (and top panel) for the Northland 36ARWP?

RE: No, sorry. The sheet with drawings & panel dimensions should be included with refrigerator documentation.

Q: Hi, happen to know the make and model of the refrigerator on WHITE COLLAR on 2/21/2012; the one in Peter Burke's kitchen?

RE: No, sorry. Let me know if you find out :-)

Q: Where can I find a fridge that has a little door for easy access to beverage without opening the whole door? I saw a model when I google Korean refrigerator images that ad that features. I don't even know what's it is called to ask about it

RE: Never saw one, sorry. Some (mostly small, dorm room type) fridges have internal beverage can dispensers, but I do not know of one with external access door.

Q: Do you sell Avanti refrigerators anywhere in Canada? I am interested in the 55 inch high model.

RE: We do not actually sell refrigerators, just provide information. You can check about Avanti refrigerators here.

Q: I'm looking for an upright freezer that has a least 6-7 cubic feet of storage, but it must not be wider that 21.5 inches. I've been searching many websites and can't find any. Does that even exist?

RE: Yes, they do exist. Mostly by Thermador (Freedom Collection T18IF800SP, Freedom Collection T18ID800XP), Northland (18AFW, 18AFS) or Miele (Independence F1411, Independence F1471).

Q: I have and old Amana refrigerator which I am trying to replace. what would be the best fit. The space-built in-is opening 68 3/4 H by 33 Wide x 24 inches deep. Trying to get one that will not protrude too much into room. My Amana was an 18 cf Measurements 66 high x 32 wide x 30 1/2 deep with handle.

RE: This french door model should fit: LG LDC22720

Q: I have a fridge from the 1950's that i can't find on the internet. It's made by carrier and the has a white and blue tile glass face by the handle. that says "rich plan" in brass / gold looking lettering. I'm just trying to get info on it. Its huge and the house i bought had to have been built around the thing. Any info on it would be awesome.

RE: Check here:

Q: Hi, I live in British Columbia; I would like to know where can I purchase a sub-zero pro-48 refrigerator?

RE: Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances are only sold by authorized distributors & resellers. You can find their showroom locations here:
Sub-Zero & Wolf Locations

Q: I am looking for an 27" under counter refrigerator for our ice cream parlor. I notice that many have back compressors with venting on the side. I do not understand how they are designed to be next to cabinetry if they need to have room to vent. The beverage Air model is the only one that vents to the front. Would that be more desirable and do you know about this manufacturer? Any assistance would be appreciated.

RE: I think the side vent models are not really designed to be put next to cabinetry, wall or any other item which would block the vents. If you need to put the refrigerator next to cabinetry, you should definitely buy the front vent model.

Q: We are looking for a freezerless refrigerator and matching freezer around 18-20 cu. ft. each for our home and haven't seen many good reviews. Do you have any recommendations or ratings?

RE: Yes, we can recommend following freezerless refrigerator / upright freezers combination:
Frigidaire Professional FPRH19D7LF all refrigerator
Frigidaire Professional FPUH19D7LF upright freezer

Q: Can a refrigerator that was manufactured with R12 be converted to R134A? And what would be that procedure? Thank you. Larry

RE: Yes, it can. AFAIK, the complete refrigerator "internals" need to be changed - compressor, thermostat, condenser & evaporator coils - and the cost is quite high. I think this is economically viable only when restoring a valuable, vintage refrigerator. You can check and ask for a quote here.

Q: I have been shopping for a Maytag MBF2258XEW Bottom freezer refrigerator. The features description does not include Humidity controlled crispers, although their top freezer models do. I have called the company and one person said no humidity controls; the other said yes. Do you know? Any help appreciated.

RE: Based on information we have, our conclusion is the same as yours: Maytag top freezer refrigerators have humidity controlled crisper, but none of the bottom freezer models has this feature.

Q: 2 year old Maytag bottom freezer fridge - the freezer is frosting up and food is soft, fridge is warm. We cleaned the coils. Is there a recall?

RE: There was a Maytag refrigerator recall in 2009 - you can check the details here.

Q: I am looking for a french door refrigerator in stainless steel. I would like a GE or LG if possible. My problem is my space area. My specs are 32 in wide, 69 in height, 30" depth. I have been running into the depth problem. They are all so deep. Are there any models that meet my specs?

RE: Check out Samsung RF197ACRS - it should meet your space restrictions.

Q: I am considering buying an Amana 21.9 cf refrigerator ABB2224WED this afternoon. From your online picture, it looks exactly like a 21.9 Whirlpool GB2FHDXWS. I know Whirlpool owns Amana, but other than that and the color of course, what differences should I be concerned about?

RE: I assume this actually IS the same refrigerator, with probably only minor details (and branding) being different. Hard to tell which one to get - I'd say the one you can get cheaper...

Q: I am moving to a new home and the only space available for our second fridge is in the garage. I live in Ontario Canada and the temps. here can range from the 90s in summer to well below freezing in winter. I hear so many conflicting opinions about putting a fridge in extreme ambient temperatures. I know "better safe than sorry" but if the risk is low we would like to take that chance. What is the truth about this issue? Does it depend on what specific fridge type, or mfg date? Is there a minimum "safe" temperature which I could try to maintain in winter by insulating the garage?

RE: Refrigerators are designed for different environment specs. The minimum safe temperature for SN Class fridge is 10°C (50F) and for N class fridge 16°C (60F). You should try to maintain at least 10°C (50F).

Q: We have had a KitchenAid KBRS19KTWH for about 18 months. The unit is very quiet. However, recently I have noticed that something in it runs continually. Would that be the fan referenced in "The evaporator fan circulates the air throughout the freezer and refrigerator"? Thank you.

RE: Might be either the fan or compressor that is running continuously. Might be electronics related problem since this fridge has electronic controls. Even if your refrigerator was only covered by one year limited warranty, the compressor and sealed refrigeration system are covered by five and ten years limited warranties. You should contact KitchenAid service - in US call 1-800-422-1230, in Canada call 1-800-807-6777.

Q: I have a KitchenAid refrigerator, Model KFCS22EVMS -- upper french doors, bottom drawer freezer -- installed about 1 year ago. Recently, the drawer glides for the ice maker tray have been freezing in place, not allowing the drawer to slide out. Yesterday I turned off the freezer, emptied and cleaned it, and let is sit for a couple of hours to dry out. Also vacuumed vents (though very, very little build up of dust). Returned the freezer to temperature (0), and, once again, the glide was frozen shut. So, last night I sprayed the glides with WD40, and this morning they are still sliding freely and working properly. Obviously, the ice was melted by the WD40, but is this really a permanent solution to the problem?

RE: I am not familiar with this particular KitchenAid KFCS22EVMS problem. Suggest you call KitchenAid service - 1-800-422-1230 in US.

Q: I possess an admiral frige, with water and ice dispenser. Unfortunately it forms water of condensation that ruins fruit and vegetables. I Get longer life shelf if I evacuate part of the air from the bags containing the goods. I am sure if condensation could be reduced or removed we would get less mouldy vegetables an fruit. Can you suggest a solution?

RE: Try removing fruits and vegetables from the bags. Hope you are not using plastic bags? Condensation always forms inside those.

Q: I am looking for side by side fridge 22-23 sq.ft. Its height should be less than 66". I have bought ED2KHAXVS, but it was awfully noisy. I can't stand the noise and am planning to replace it. Some companies (like GE) offer quiet design but I could not find the size I need. I would greatly appreciate your help.

RE: Your Whirlpool ED2KHAXVS has total capacity of 21.8 cu. ft., height 66 3/4". You can try the following LG refrigerator - it is very quiet due to LoDecibel Quiet Operation system:
LG LSC23924SB: 23 cu. ft., height: 66 3/4"
Following refrigerators also fit your criteria. They are all stainless steel, side by side with external ice & water dispenser:
Maytag MSD2274VEM
KitchenAid Architect II KSRV22FVSS

Q: Can I move a refrigerator on it's side? I need to take it to a new house and it has to be on it's side to fit in truck.

RE: Short answer: you can, but it is not recommended.
The problem is oil from the compressor, which might get into refrigerant lines and block them by not returning back to the compressor when the fridge is put upright again.
If you do it, allow enough time (= over night) for the oil to flow back before turning the refrigerator on.
I suggest you only do this if:
1. Your refrigerator is old & not worth much (but still working) and you do not mind replacing it if needed.
2. The shipping crate has instructions and a marked side, to which the fridge can be moved.

You can read an excellent guide here:
Can a fridge be moved to it's side?

Q: Why don't refrigerators have a more accurate way of gauging the internal temperature of the refrigerator? If it is important to maintain a certain safe temperature range how can putting it on 5 or 6 give you any indication at all what the actual internal temperature is?

RE: Actually, most mid-range and practically all high end refrigerators have electronic temperature controls with exact temperature displayed on LCD. You can also set the desired temperature very precisely - up to single degree. Most such fridges have more than one temperature zone (usually at least the freezer and refrigerator part) and you can set each zone's temperature independently from other zones.
The refrigerator you are referring to still uses a mechanical thermostat, where you can set the desired temperature only approximately. Some of them are however fairly accurate. You can set the desired temperature by using a thermometer: set the fridge for instance on "4", wait a couple of hours and check the thermometer. Then set it on "5" and do the same. This way you can map the thermostat numbers to actual temperatures.

Q: I have been looking for a vintage "Coldspot" refrigerator, but haven't been able to find one. I was wondering if you might know of any places that would have them or any places I could look. I appreciate any help you could give me.

RE: You might check the website listed below. They specialize in antique refrigerators and stoves:

Q: I am inquiring about where I can buy a cabinet of my old Hoover auto defrost refrigirator. My refrigirator is in very good condition, especially the motor, but what I mean is the cabinet especially the door and the side (bottom) are full of rust, and I am looking to buy and replace the cabinet and transfer the motor to the new cabinet.

RE: Suggest you consider buying a new refrigerator. You can contact Hoover service dept., but I assume the cost of such "repair" (if at all possible) would be higher than buying a new fridge. You must understand refrigerators do not consist of just the "cabinet" and "motor" (compressor). They are made on assembly line and the labor cost alone of transferring the "internals" to a new cabinet would be prohibitive. Also, the "cabinet" also has cooling lines, electrical lines, etc. embedded, which can not be transferred to a new "empty" cabinet.

Q: I purchased a Haier mini fridge recently and the store was out of rebate forms so the clerk told me to keep my receipt until they received the forms. I received the form yesterday and read where one the of the stipulations was to cut the UPC from the original box. I still have everything I need except the UPC from the box. Is there any way to contact Haier to find out if there is anything that can be done?

RE: The Universal Product Code (UPC) is simply the bar code sticker on the package with unique product code - each product in the store has a different code, but all of the same products (in this case same model refrigerators) have the same code.
In your place I'd try to solve this with the store clerk first (or their supervisor) - it was after all their fault; they did not have the forms and forgot to tell you to also keep the UPC not just the receipt. They might provide an UPC from another box or contact the manufacturer on your behalf.

Q: I have a 33 year old Admiral refrigerator with a no-frost freezer. The other day we discovered that the freezer was not cool enough and the turkeys had defrosted and the ice in the tray melted. We turned the setting from medium (5) to high (8), but that did not work. The refrigerator part was working OK. I unplugged the unit for 24 hours in case there was any ice clogging a critical part. I plugged it in again this morning and put the setting on 5. After 8 hours, the ice in the tray is now frozen solid. However, I noticed that the fan in the freezer stays on continuously. I do not recall if the fan was always on, but I want to ask if this is a fire hazard, or if it is normal for the fan to stay on continuously.

RE: Might be one of several things, but since the fridge part seems to cool OK, I assume the thermostat, compressor & cooling circuits are OK. Perhaps the defrost heater in the freezer part is broken and is turned on continuously (instead of just for short time to melt the ice) increasing the freezer temperature? You can also try cleaning the condenser coils and/or fan on the back of the fridge - they might be clogged with dust and dirt.
Due to the refrigerator's age I would seriously consider buying a new, energy efficient Energy Star Qualified unit. You might get a substantial rebate by recycling the old fridge, plus you will save a lot on electricity and do some good for the environment.
If defrost heater is indeed stuck to "always on" it might present a fire risk.

Q: I just installed the water line to my LG 20760. It's been a half hour and no water is flowing into the ice maker. My shutoff valve is on. The ice maker switch is on. Do I need to turn something where the water line hooks up at the refrigerator? I don't see anything to turn for water flow.

RE: I would split this in half:
1. Check if the water flows from the line without connecting the fridge. If not, the problem is not in the fridge. 2. If 1.) is OK, the problem is in the fridge I am not aware of any special procedure for this LG refrigerator to make the water flow. I'd contact the store first, then LG service.

Q: My client wants a French Door KitchenAid 42 inch with water dispenser inside which after all of our research ....there is not one. However, we will take one without the water dispenser and found "panel ready" means you have to have a CUSTOM PANEL MADE. We already picked out cabinets that have a panel for the french door type refrigerators, but are being told that the panels have to be for a refrigerator that accommodates a "channel for 1/4 inch panels" otherwise, we have to move to all custom built cabinets to have a custom built panel?

RE: Suggest you contact a carpenter first - they might be able to modify the panels you have.

Q: I am trying to tighten the handle(bottom freezer) on a Kenmore Elite refrigerator, I cant find the hex wrench to tighten the screw/handle. Is this possibly a metric allen key? What country is this refrigerator manufactured in, is it a metric(hex/allen key)?

RE: Most Kenmore brand refrigerators are made by Whirlpool, but some are also made by non-US manufacturers like LG, Electrolux,... The screw in question might indeed be metric, but it can also be torx, which is similar to hex/allen, but requires a completely different tool. See here:

Q: Hi, I am looking for a stainless steel refrigerator with an ice cube maker and water dispenser, but no freezer department. Do you know if there is any such thing?

RE: Since the ice maker is in itself a kind of small freezer, I assumed no freezerless refrigerator with ice maker exists, but I was wrong. I did find one model, but as expected, it is not a normal full-size fridge but an undercounter unit, intended mostly as bar fridge.
Anyway, you can check if it suits your needs here:
GE Monogram ZIBS240PSS

Q: So far as I've been looking, it seems Dff261bsldb by Danby may be the one I'll buy. My most pressing concern though is noise. My bedroom door is 4 feet from where the fridge will be. My current fridge is so noisy, that i have to increase the volume on the TV when I'm watching, day or night. The one i have now is about 20 years old and the only reason i wish to replace it is "noise". Can you tell me, if this fridge is not the quietest apartment size, which one is?

RE: While I do not have first hand experience with this particular model, I think according to specification this is a state of the art fridge - with cool LED lighting instead of hot incandescent bulb and Energy Star rated - this implies it has a modern compressor, which should be whisper quiet.
As for your old fridge: every compressor creates some vibration and sometimes a part of the fridge (= a pipe, condenser, evaporator,...) might come into contact with the compressor to create noise. Sometimes a simple small piece of foam in the right place might do miracles :)

Q: Can you tell me if the Electrolux ICON Professional E32AR75JPS has a built-in water dispenser? I thought I saw somewhere that it has a built-in water filter, which wouldn't make sense unless there was also a dispenser.

RE: This particular fridge does not have a water dispenser. It does not have a water filter either. What it does have is an air filter - to keep the internal fridge environment free of dust, etc.

Q: I need a refrigerator that is 18 inches wide and regular height.

RE: A full size 18" refrigerator is quite hard to find. The largest one (10.3 cu ft) is Northland:
Northland 18TFWS, Stainless Steel Door
Northland 18TFWB, Black Door Panel
Northland 18TFWP, Panel Ready Door

Q: Where can I buy a desktop mini refrigerator? Like the red one shown on your site?

RE: The red fridge is a generic image, but you can try:
Best Mini Fridge

Q: I read about Haier's "VC fresh technology" used in Haier refrigerators but cannot find anything that tells me what it is, or how it works. For example, is it an LED lighting system that keeps fruit and vegetable vitamin C levels high, as in the Panasonic refrigerators, or is it something else? It is of no help going to the Haier website for an explanation either because that site does not explain what the VC fresh technology is either. This is both puzzling and a bit irritating. Can you help? Also, where can one in the West have a look at a Haier refrigerator with the VC fresh technology in it?

RE: You are correct, I also could not find a more technical description. They claim the technology also sterilizes food, so I'd assume there is also a UV light source in there (might be UV LED's).
If you do find something more, do let me know, I'm curious too :)

Q: Hello i am building the cabinets that have the compact refrigerator in it with the panel on the front. What size does the panel that i build need to be? I want to make sure that it is flush with the cabinet too, so that it don't stick out.

RE: Exact dimensions of the cabinet and panel as well as any cutout or hole positions should be found in the documentation that comes with the refrigerator.
KitchenAid Architect II KURO24RSBX

Q: Is there any brand of refrigerator available that is NOT made by General Electric or one of it's subsidiary companies? I am trying to find one that is still engineered to the degree that it does not wail and cry like it is giving birth in the middle of the night.

RE: I'd suggest Electrolux or their other brand - Frigidaire:
Frigidaire Refrigerators
Electrolux Refrigerators

LG's models with linear compressor are also very quiet:
LG refrigerators

And of course, there is always the Rolls-Royce of refrigeration - Liebherr:
Liebherr Refrigerators

Q: I am trying to get hold of the control PC Board of a SR-L38NMB Refrigerator. The Part Number is DA41-00022A. There is no information about the unit on the internet and the suppliers do not know what I am talking about. I made sure that I copied the Model Number correctly from the name plate and could send photos if necessary.

RE: Sorry, but we can not help you here. I guess you will need to find an authorized Samsung service center.

Q: Can you tell me where I can buy just the door panels for the KitchenAid KFCO22EVBL?

RE: I am not sure about KitchenAid, but normally the panels should be either made by a carpenter or provided by the kitchen manufacturer, so they can exactly match your kitchen cabinets.
For instance, when I bought my kitchen, I provided exact part numbers for built in appliances to the kitchen manufacturer (refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.) and they delivered me the panels that exactly fit the said appliances.

Q: I need a refrigerator that is no taller than 66 inches high, 25 inches deep and no more than 36 inches wide. Is there such a thing and if so, second question - is there an option of selecting a bottom freezer style in addition to traditional?

RE: It is not an easy task finding a "normal" fridge with your size constrains :) Most of the non-compact size fridges are either too tall, too deep or both.
LG LSC23924ST side by side fridge might be suitable, although it is slightly higher and a bit deeper.
LG LRBP1031T bottom freezer might fit also, but it has considerably smaller capacity:

Q: I would like to purchase a stainless steel 3 or 4 door (that is French doors up and 1 or 2 bottom freezer drawers) that does NOT have water and ice dispensers that take up room in the door or on the exterior. I would prefer a counter-depth but a profile that is less than 32" including the handles would be OK. What model should I be looking at and where would I find it here in Vancouver BC. I was planning to do most of my purchases at Trail Appliances.

RE: The french door style fridge without dispenser is quite hard to find :) The only one I found is LG LFC21776ST. It's a "classic" 3 door french door; depth with handles is only 30".
It is available at Trail Appliances and on

Q: Limited by width space to 33". Can you recommend the best energy star French Door Refrigerator with exterior ice and water maker in stainless steel finish? Looking in the price range of $2000 but not limited to that amount. MFI2269VEM - this is one i was looking at but reviews are not that good?

RE: I do not know about the Maytag, but the Samsung RF217ACRS gets a lot of favorable reviews.

Q: I have a Solar Refrigerator I need Manufactured. Do you know what factories assemble refrigerators?
Example: JacKson Appliance located in Jackson Tennessee, USA assemble, Hot Point Washing Machines and other Brands.
I need a company that will build my Solar Refrigerator.

RE: You can check this site to see which companies still have manufacturing facilities in US.

Q: Hi, my counter size is 800X350X600 which fridge do u suggest please its urgent...

RE: I don't understand your measurements; is this the niche size in mm - HxDxW?
The 350mm width (or depth) means only a compact or mini fridge can fit...
You can check for a compact or mini fridge.

Q: How much are the price on:
Danby DFF501WDD Designer Series 17.7 cu. ft. Freestanding All-Refrigerator
Electrolux EI32AR65JS IQ-Touch 18.6 cu ft Freezerless All-Refrigerator

RE: The Danby DFF501WDD costs $732 on Amazon:
Danby DFF501WDD Designer Series 17.7 cu. ft. Freestanding All-Refrigerator
The Electrolux EI32AR65JS is quite a bit more expensive - $1,799
Electrolux EI32AR65JS IQ-Touch 18.6 cu ft Freezerless All-Refrigerator

Q: I'm hoping that you can help me. Call me crazy, but I'm hoping to buy a refrigerator that was actually made in America. We're interested in the new french door models, particularly Whirlpool's GX5FHTXVY. Would you know where is is made? Also curious what your thoughts are on this product.

RE: I do not have first hand experience with GX5FHTXVY, but from what I hear it is supposed to be very good - a bunch of consumer magazines claim that.
As for made in US - good luck, this is becoming increasingly hard to find :-)
Whirlpool shut down their refrigerator plant in Indiana last year and moved 1100 jobs to Mexico, so I assume most of their fridges are now made there. But then again, only top freezer models were supposedly made at Indiana plant...
You can check this site to see which brands still have US manufacturing facilities.

Q: I am interested in the Frigidaire Freezerless model. Is there anyplace that has them in stock. I live near Chicago Il.

RE: You might try Sears or Best Buy - they should also stock freezerless Frigidaire models.

Q: What kind of cleaner should I use on my new stainless steel refrigerator and gas range? Do you recommend using stainless steel cleaner? If so what kind?

RE: Yes, I would recommend either a stainless steel cleaner or even better: a ceramic stove top cleaner. Personally I use a ceramic stove top cleaner - white, thick stuff, don't know the brand since the label fell off.

Q: Approximately 4 years ago we purchased an Amana brand bottom freezer refrigerator. This is one of the most troublesome appliances we have ever purchased. It has broken down three times in as many years. We have spent the original cost over again in repair costs. This appliance should be recalled. (Yes, it was part of Maytag) Never again!
Whirlpool was a great brand. Last refrigerator lasted 25 years, too bad that brand cannot be depended upon now either.
Your Whirlpool Mfg. center is the absolute worst. Could not set up a repair call in under one week. Called an independent, arrived within 24 hrs. of our call. I will not hesitate to tell people what an awful product you have in this refrigerator.

RE: We at are in no way affiliated to Whirlpool, Amana, Maytag or other brands - we just provide refrigerator information.
Thank you for problem description. Can you please provide your model number and what exactly was wrong with this fridge - we want to add your comment to this models description, so other consumers will be warned.

Q: Do you know if Amana still has bad compressors? I am looking at Amana abb1921dew and abb1921wew.

RE: Amana is made by Whirlpool; I think compressors are more or less the same across all brands in the same price bracket. And nowadays, I think a compressor will outlast the fridge - you will sooner experience breakage of plastic parts, hinges, door seals, thermostat, etc. than compressor failure.

Q: I have a Kenmore side by side and I can not find where the water filter is to replace it.

RE: Try the bottom front panel - most units have the filter there.

Q: I have a quick question. I am purchasing the GE cafe stainless refrigerator and need to purchase a double oven that will be on the same wall. Do you know of any other brands that will match the GE cafe series (I don't like the GE profile).

RE: Perhaps you could look at Jenn Air Pro or Electrolux ICON or Wave?

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