Inline Water Filters

Your Best Defense Against Diseases

Reducing water contaminants is possible with inline water filters. Contaminants, such as volatile organic chemicals and chlorine, are linked to some serious diseases. Inline filters will make sure that your family is safe from these contaminants by providing clean and healthier water.

Enjoy safe drinking water by installing inline water filters. There are many water filters on the market that can provide you and your family healthy drinking water. They are effective in removing contaminants out of your water, leaving only minerals for truly clean and delicious water. However, just like any other products that your family will use every day, you need to thoroughly study your water filter options before you go shopping for one. Understanding how an inline water filter works is the best start.

An inline water filter is a device that you attached directly to your water line instead of to the fixtures or faucets in your home. Inline filters are usually used in refrigeration units that provide both water and ice through the door. They can also be used in water coolers, water fountains, ice makers and many more. You can also opt to install inline filters under kitchen sinks.

It is a fact that contaminants such as volatile organic chemicals or VOCs, chlorine and trihalomethanes (THM) are present in water. These contaminants cause many diseases such as cancer, liver and kidney problems and respiratory illnesses. You can reduce the amount of these contaminants in your water by installing an inline filter.

Choosing the Right Water Filter for Your Family

As you should know by now, there are many brands of inline water filters on the market that you have to arm yourself with the right knowledge that will guide you in choosing the right one to buy. The first thing to consider is the flow rate of the water filter so that you will know the number of gallons that a unit is capable of filtering per minute. So if you have a filter with high flow rate, you need not wait for a long time for the filtered water to come out of your refrigerator's dispenser.

Under normal water pressure, an inline filter can have a flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute (GPM). Keep in mind that the higher the GPM, the better. Your filter flow may be affected by the water temperature and pressure. In case you are living in one of those areas with low water pressure, the best thing to do is to talk with the manufacturer or its representative to find out if the inline filter can still perform efficiently.

Cost Consideration

It is important to know the average total number of gallons of water that the people in your household consumed or use. You see, prices of some water filters vary depending on options such as the flow rate. It follows that as the flow rate increases, so is the cost of the unit. One way to determine your water consumption is to review your previous water bills so that you will have an idea on the amount of water your family consumes or uses.

For example, if there are three or four members in your family, a filter that can dispense five or six gallons of water every day is good enough. Meanwhile, a family that has more members will need a filter with higher water flow rate.

On the other hand, a filter that is certified will give you a peace of mind that you are getting a product that is safe to use and meets certain performance standards. Some organizations that you can trust for giving accurate water filter certification are the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), the California Department of Health and the Underwriters Laboratory.


In a nutshell, inline water filters are your best defense against water-borne illnesses. They help reduce contaminants that can cause serious diseases such as cancer, respiratory, liver and kidney problems. But the contaminants in your water vary, depending on where you live. It would then be a smart move to have the water in your tested so that you will know the type of water filtration system that you will need to help reduce the impurities. Getting a certified filter is your best choice to make sure that you are buying a product with excellent contaminant removal capabilities.

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