Refrigerator Ice Maker

Makes Life Easy for Busy Consumers

Every refrigeration unit should have a refrigerator ice maker. You may have to pay more for this ice-making feature but the convenience of having ice cubes anytime you need them is worth the extra expense.

A refrigerator icemaker is a must in every home. It is one of the major features that any smart consumers should consider when buying a refrigeration unit. The conveniences that an ice-making refrigeration unit can bring to a household make investing in this appliance worth your time and money. You can have all the ice that you would need anytime of the day or night. If you have unexpected guests, you do not have to run to the store to buy blocks of ice because there is always available ice cubes that you can readily dispense and use.

Salient Features of Refrigerator Ice Makers

Traditionally, refrigerator icemakers are built in the freezer. They function to automatically make ice cubes which are ejected into ice bins. You can get your ice cubes anytime that you want to make cool, refreshing drinks for your guests or your children. There are some refrigerators with ice makers that dispense ice cubes as needed to an area near the water dispenser. This is an important feature especially if you have small children. It allows them to have easy access to the ice cubes anytime. Plus, there is no need for you to check half empty or empty ice cube trays. What a great way to save space in your freezer which you can use to store more perishable foods.

Some refrigerator ice makers, especially those designed for commercial use, features stainless steel blades for cutting through the ice efficiently and quickly. They also have motors that are designed for speed cutting of ice.

Troubleshooting Tips

Now that you have your refrigerator ice maker, it is important that you learn to identify some of the common technical problems that may encounter as you use the refrigeration unit and how to deal with them. If you noticed that your ice maker is not producing ice or if it is, it disposes it in clumps; you check and make sure that the water supply is properly connected.

Another reason for clumped ice is if you have not used your ice dispenser for a long period of time. If this is the case, do not expect your ice maker to dispense ice immediately. Keep in mind that an ice maker produces about 8 cubes of ice every two hours.

Be conscious if there is a funny smell or taste in your ice cubes during the initial operation of your ice maker or the first time that you used it after a long period of time. It would be better if you throw away the first batch of ice that your ice maker produced because there is a great possibility that they contain chemicals or pipe residue from new water lines.

Replacement of Parts

The parts of your ice makers are designed to withstand heavy and frequent use. They are built to do heavy ice crushing and adjust to freezing cold temperature. However, just like any other appliances, some parts may sometimes conk out and replacements are needed. Almost all refrigerator ice makers come with a manufacturer's warranty that usually covers replacement of parts. So it would be wise to make sure that a warranty is provided before you buy a certain brand of refrigeration unit. Also, make sure to read the fine print to see what is covered so that you will know what parts can be replaced for free and what are those that you need to buy.


There is no doubt that a refrigerator ice maker is an important component of any refrigeration unit and a must have for every household. Busy people would benefit from this appliance as they can have ice anytime they need. Ice makers are usually located in the freezer and they automatically make ice cubes. And today's ice makers are built with durability and efficient performance in mind.

However, despite their ability to withstand heavy and frequent use, some parts of an ice maker will give out and replacements are needed. Manufacturers are aware of this possibility that is why almost all refrigerator ice makers come with warranties. Getting a refrigerator with ice maker feature may increase the price of a refrigeration unit but the convenience it provides is worth the extra expense.

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