Shallow Depth Refrigerators

Fit Perfectly With Your Existing Kitchen Décor

Shallow depth refrigerators offer various advanced features together with a shallow profile to fit perfectly with your existing kitchen décor. You have choices of trim kits, colors, panels and door styles to make your refrigerator blend well with your interior.

Refrigerators with shallow depth are becoming popular in many households. The popularity of this style of refrigeration unit is due to homeowners' preference for continuity of line, choosing cabinet-depth units that offer a built-in effect instead of the traditional bulky refrigerators. Many shallow depth refrigerators are freestanding, measuring not more than 72 inches in height, have boxed-in design with surrounding cabinetry and custom panels. This style of refrigeration unit is a common addition in remodeling projects where the height requires for the installation of built-in appliance that is not available. Plus, shallow depth refrigerators are more affordable than built in units.


Give your kitchen space a style of its own with the varied types of shallow depth refrigerators. You can be sure that a shallow depth refrigeration unit will fit into any space-under your kitchen worktop to give a modern overall look to your kitchen. The type ofrefrigerator you will choose will depend on your budget on the look that you want to achieve in your kitchen. Traditionally, a shallow depth refrigerator fits flush to your kitchen counter. However there are models that have large storage capacity.

When shopping for shallow depth refrigerators, make sure that they useful capabilities such as fast chilling capacity, automatic temperature control, digital thermometers and cool water dispenser.

The Idea Behind the Design:

Many homeowners feel that a shallow depth refrigerator would make a great addition to their kitchen. When incorporating this unit in your design, it gives a fully integrated look to your kitchen. There is no exposed multiple levels in the surface of your kitchen. If there is no exposed level, there is no chance of bumping or breaking something. Shallow depth refrigeration units are available as top freezer, bottom freezer, side by side or French Door models. To flush these refrigerators against your kitchen counters, they have to be thinner compared to your typical refrigerator.

Many shallow depth models stand from 66 inches to 70 inches while the widths vary between 32 inches to 36 inches. The depth can be 30 inches around from the front to the back of your refrigerator. It is important that you consider in your space planning the measurement of the doors when opened. You should allot more room to both open the doors as well as maneuver around them while holding some items in your hands.

Some Drawbacks:

A typical shallow depth fridge has 20 to 25 cubic feet space interior. The ideal measurement would be 10 cubic feet of space for every two people living in the household. The more people living in your house, the more cramped this style of refrigerator would be as more food will be stored and take out of it.

Other factors that are compromised by the shallow depth design are the door bins which may not have enough space to hold gallons of drinks. There is the possibility that the shelves are not adjustable or removable and there may not be enough room also for an ice or external water dispenser. This could limit the usefulness and convenience of using your refrigerator.

Brands to Consider:

Shallow depth units, also known as counter depth refrigerators, provide a built-in look to any kitchen minus the high cost of built-in refrigerators. The design offers a clean look in a slightly smaller capacity than most freestanding refrigerators. You have an option to add panels on the front of the refrigeration unit to make it blend with your cabinets. Here are some of the popular brands that can give your kitchen a clean and streamline look because they do not exceed the depth of your standard kitchen counter:

  • The GE GSC S3KGYSS has 22.7 cubic feet capacity and features external controls with ultraflow and actual temperature display, freshness center, adjustable door bins, beverage rack, deluxe quiet design and stainless steel finish.

  • Bosch B22CS50SNS Linea 500 Series is a stainless steel refrigerator designed side-by-side. Other features include multi-flow shower cooling system, spill proof glass shelves, door open alarm, adjustable door bins and antibacterial wall linings.

  • Electrolux EI23BC36IW is a bottom freezer unit that has 23 cubic feet capacity, IQ-Touch controls, alarm system, glide freezer drawers and full-extension freezer baskets. There are many more shallow depth units available that will give your kitchen a stylish look without digging a hole in your pocket


Shallow depth refrigerators are the style to have if you want a clean and streamline look in your kitchen. This is because these refrigerators are designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen décor. So if you are in search for a new look or just want to a refrigerator that will blend or matches the rest of your kitchen, shallow depth model may be the answer to your needs.

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