Whirlpool Freezers

No More Worries

You will be delighted with how reliable Whirlpool freezers are in terms of providing you with the perfect solution to your lack of frozen food storage space.

When it comes to your freezing needs, Whirlpool freezers should be among the choices you should check out. There is actually no reason for you not to consider these freezers considering they are from a company which understands the meaning of quality appliances. From its stylish look to the many impressive features, a freezer from Whirlpool is certainly a welcome addition to any kitchen. Of course, as a smart buyer, you still need to find out as much as you can about this product before actually buying it to be sure that it would meet your frozen food requirements.

Since there are different types of Whirlpool freezers, each one with unique qualities to offer consumers, it would make choosing easier for you if you check them one by one.

Chest Freezer – as it names implies, this freezer looks like a chest and are actually recommended for consumers who buy food in bulk. This freezer comes with baskets, which serve as a way for you to organize your items. The Whirlpool chest freezer features a key eject lock which prevents the lid from opening without the key. You also need not worry about cleaning this freezer since it comes with a defrost drain. It is only available in white.

Two-Door Freezer – for consumers who like several storage options present in one freezer, you will surely be pleased with this particular model. The upper portion is designed as an upright freezer while the lower portion features a slide-out container or drawer. This Whirlpool upright freezer also features a reversible door, temperature monitor alarm, slide out shelves, adjustable door bins and frost-free defrost. This model is available in two colors: white and silver.

Upright Freezer – Whirlpool certainly has their consumer in mind when they thought of the Sidekick model. It is an all-freezer which can be combined with their all-refrigerator to give you a single side-by-side refrigeration appliance. Total capacity is 35.4 cu ft, which is surely enough to meet your needs. They are available in a variety of finish as well as capacity, ranging from 15.8 cu ft to 24.7 cu ft. Available in white or stainless steel color.

All Whirlpool freezers are Energy Start Certified which means they consume energy much more efficiently. As a consumer, you can translate this into more savings. Also, you can choose between manual defrost and frost-free but do keep in mind that each one comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Buying Pros

Making a purchase especially as serious as a freezer is something to be careful about. The good news is that you will absolutely not experience any buyer’s remorse since any freezer from Whirlpool is guaranteed to perform excellently. Consumers who already bought one are quite satisfied with their freezer in terms of looks, reliability and even price. Considering the high quality, shelling out $500 to $1500 depending on capacity for a freezer is not bad at all.

Buying Cons

Some consumers complain about lack of space and if you do not want to have the same problem, you should first determine how much storage space you need and choose a freezer with such capacity. Also, technical issues should be reported to the manufacturer so that the unit can be replaced without any extra costs to you as long as the problem is covered by the warranty. Never fix the problem yourself or hire someone to do repairs for this could void the warranty. As for its affordability, you can find discounts offered by online retailers and take advantage of this if you want to enjoy savings.


Deciding to purchase one of these Whirlpool freezers is certainly smart especially if you consider the benefits of having one. As long as you need a separate freezer to satisfy your frozen food storage needs, then you can find this freezer dependable. If affordability is an issue, simply think about the many problem-free years you are guaranteed to enjoy with this freezer in your kitchen. For sure, you will never look back with regret if you choose to buy a freezer from Whirlpool.

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