Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Stainless Steel

22.6 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Glass Shelves, Cool Zone Drawer, Ramp-Up Multilevel Lighting & IQ-Touch Controls

Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS is a 22.6 cu. ft. Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator with 4 Luxury-Design Glass Shelves, Cool Zone Drawer, Luxury-Design Ramp-Up Multilevel Lighting, Ice Maker and IQ-Touch Controls: Stainless Steel

Electrolux is the second largest (after Whirlpool) international appliance company. They are a part in the daily life of hundreds of millions of families around the world. Each year, some 40 million consumers in more than 150 countries choose their products, such as cookers and cooktops, ovens, fridges and freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, room air conditioners and vacuum cleaners. That translates to two products bought from them every second, every day of the year. In addition, they help hundreds of thousands of professional users manage and develop their businesses with their solutions for professional food service and commercial laundry.

Other Available Colors and Options:

Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IB, Black
Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IW, White


  • Cool Zone Drawer
  • This drawer keeps contents chilled, so it\'s perfect for wine and beer or even snacks and juice boxes.
  • Luxury-Glide Freezer Drawer
  • Two Luxury-Glide, full-width baskets are fully-extendable and have adjustable dividers.
  • There\'s room to store everything, making it easy to always have frozen pizza and snacks on hand for an impromptu gathering.
  • Luxury-Design Glass Shelves
  • Removable, all-glass shelves crafted for exceptional beauty and function.
  • PureAdvantage Filtration Systems
  • Their filtration system keeps clean, filtered air circulated throughout to prevent odor transfer.
  • Keeps fresh, clean ice at your fingertips.
Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS 22.6 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Glass Shelves, Cool Zone Drawer, Ramp-Up Multilevel Lighting & IQ-Touch Controls


Total Capacity: 22.6 Cu. Ft.
Fresh Food Volume: 15.7 Cu. Ft.
Freezer Volume: 6.9 Cu. Ft.
Total Shelf Area: 26.9 Sq. Ft.
Fresh Food Shelf Area: 19.2 Sq. Ft.
Freezer Shelf Area: 7.7 Sq. Ft.
Signature Soft-Arc Doors and Handle Design: Yes
IQ-Touch Electronic Controls: Yes
Door Hinge Covers: Yes
Fresh Food Conveniences
PureAdvantage Water and Ice / Air Filtration: Yes
Water Filter Location: Bottom Left
Temp Alarm System / Door Ajar Alarm / Power Failure Alarm: Yes
Luxury-Design Glass Shelves: 4 Half Width
Luxury-Glide Humidity-Controlled Left Crisper: Yes
Luxury-Glide Humidity-Controlled Right Crisper: Yes
Cool Zone Drawer: Yes
Perfect Temp Drawer: No
Wine Rack: No
Clear Gallon Adjustable Door Bins: 2
Clear 2-Liter /1/2-Gallon Removable Door Bins: 3
Locking Clear Utility Bin: Yes
Tilt-Out Can Racks: 2
Luxury-Design Ramp-Up Multilevel Lighting - Incandescent: Yes
Freezer Conveniences
Automatic Ice Maker: Yes
Ice Maker On/Off: Yes
Fast Freeze: Yes
Lock: Yes
Self-Closing Drawer: Yes
Sliding Full-Width Freezer Baskets: 2 Luxury-Glide with Dividers
Plastic Basket Tray: 1
Tilt-Out Wire Door Racks: No
Luxury-Design Ramp-Up Multilevel Lighting - Incandescent: Yes
Additional Features
Sabbath Mode (Star-K Certified): Yes
Power Supply Connection Location: Right Bottom Rear
Water Inlet Location: Left Bottom Rear
Voltage Rating: 120V / 60Hz / 15 or 20A
Connected Load (kW Rating) @ 120 Volts: 1.02 kW
Minimum Circuit Required: 15 Amps
Approx. Shipping Weight: 345 Lbs.
Overall Width: 35 5/8"
Overall Depth to Center of Arc: 28 3/16"
Overall Depth with 90° Door Open: 42 9/16"
Overall Depth with Drawer Fully Extended Including Handles: 45 7/8"
Overall Height with Hinges and 3/8" Rollers: 69 1/2"
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Some Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS Features:

  • IQ-Touch Controls located on the side of the door - This control panel displays your options at all times
  • Luxury-Design Lighting - Ramp-up designer lighting is as beautiful as it is functional
  • Luxury-Glide Crisper Drawers - Drawers smoothly glide out and keep produce fresh with adjustable humidity control and minimal temperature variation
  • Alarm System - Notifies you if there's been a power failure, if a door stays open longer than five minutes and if the interior temperature of the refrigerator ever rises above 56 degrees F for more than 20 minutes
  • Luxury-Glide Freezer Drawers
  • Luxury-Glide Cool Zone Drawer
  • Luxury-Design Glass Shelves
  • PureAdvantage Filtration Systems
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified - Save the environment, save money
  • Signature Soft-Arc Door and Handle Design
  • Full-Extension Freezer Baskets
  • Sabbath Mode (Star-K Certified)
  • Platinum Star Warranty

Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS Reviews:

CT: Decent French door counter depth Refrigerator
- Elegant appearance
- Quite performance
- Nice touch panel design

Earth Pal: Like the fridge...
We purchased our Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS a year ago because of a kitchen remodeling. We had intended to wait on this purchase but upon reviewing how frigs have changed sizes in the last 13 years, we went ahead and bought this too. We were surprised at how few frigs had the deli and produce drawers without holes. This was a key factor in choosing this particular model. We don't make ice and our icemaker is turned off and we use the space for other foods. It takes awhile to figure out how to fill the drawers and be able to find food afterward in the freezer. The fridge does hold a great deal of food for a counter depth and we are pleased with that. It also is very quiet now.
What we were not pleased with, is that we had to fight with Electrolux to obtain a working fridge that wasn't audible outside of our house. Thankfully, we had purchased our fridge from a company that went to bat for us. Our fridge was delivered and installed and was noisy from the get go and only quieted down for a few minutes. We ended up unplugging it that first night and it took us a month of phone calls to finally get it replaced. I had read online on a reputable website, that advised holding on to your old refrigerator for two weeks to make sure and thankfully we did. I understand that Electrolux has fixed this problem and the frigs are more reliable now. My comments on this process are available on that website as well.
Would I buy another, yes. But it has made me cautious about enthusiastically writing a review for this company.

Sprint100: A great complement to any kitchen
Stainless steel on Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS looks great, LED lighting makes the inside come to life. Temperature stays constant, & there is plenty of room for a ton of groceries. The only drawback I can find is in the ice storage bin. Occasional when the freezer drawer is pulled out, the ice bin rolls out with it, usually dropping several cubes behind the drawer. There's very little room to reach the cubes, & if you leave them there, the freezer drawer won't close all the way. As long as you carefully open the drawer, there's usually no problem. Other than that, we are quite pleased with our new refrigerator, & would recommend it to anyone.

kmc: My Refrigerator
Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS refrigerator is what anyone looking to upgrade should get. The convenience of the having the refrigerator on the top and the freezer that is on the bottom is great. With the double door is makes getting things and out easy. I would recommend this to everyone.

Irene: We Love Our Electrolux Refrigerator
Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS refrigerator still looks new after more than a year. We built an oak cupboard around it to match our existing cabinets and it looks beautiful. We used to have a very large built-in, bought new, but which never really worked well. So, this Electrolux is grand. The interior is so nice, stays clean, is easy to clean, too. The outside always looks just right. Love the quality.
Our food keeps very well. The temperature is a constant 38 degrees, and our fruit and vegetable stay fresh for a long time. One thing: the right crisper forms ice on the left side of the inside. I just wipe it off. I have not raised the temperature because the vegetables do so well at 38. Should I try 39?
The mullion on the right door often does not return to the 90 degree angle, which causes the mullion to hit the edge of the left door upon closing. Do you have a solution to this problem?
Our family are so proud of us for having bought ourselves such a nice appliance.

ColdasIce: Great refrigerator
Overall, Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS is a fantastic refrigerator. As long as you get over that the freezer is below vs. side by side... Which is much easier for 85% of the access to the refrigerator.
Pros: LED Lighting is fantastic bright white, Control over temp control zone is VERY useful for meats, beer, wine and many things. However we use one setting all the time. Keeps our food fresher since the temp control is good. Bottom freezer is much easier to get things out of and store large items. Love it over the side by side.. I will never go back!
Cons: Ice maker it poorly designed. When it fills, the ice will fall behind the drawer when you open the door. So you end up monitoring it and manually turning off the ice making process.

TonyC: Efficient, Quiet, Reliable and Stylish
We've had Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS refrigerator for over a year now and have had no issues whatsoever. It looks good, runs quietly and maintains very steady temperatures in both the fridge and freezer compartments. The shelves are very adjustable, allowing for maximum use of interior space. The freezer drawer operates very smoothly and the magnetized upper rack conveniently pulls out and then separates from the lower basket. The way the lights come up gradually is a nice touch as well. The counter-depth aspect works particularly well in our kitchen, as does the stainless steel finish. This was one of the only stainless units we found while shopping around that had a comparably colored finish on the sides, which was important as one side is exposed in our kitchen. We bought this unit based on a strong recommendation from friends and have not been disappointed.

woolyninja: Great refrigerator with one small complaint
Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS is a great refrigerator! For a counter depth it has so much space (seems to have even more than my old normal size fridge). It also keeps things nice and cool, another issue my old fridge had.
The only complaint I have is sometimes when the ice is filled to the top and you open the freezer a piece or two will fall to the bottom of the freezer. You can easily get them but it's a little annoyance I figured I'd mention.
Bottom line: If you're thinking about getting this fridge don't hesitate, it's a solid fridge with a lot of room. It looks great inside and out.

Chrissy: Great Fridge
Love the stylish look inside and out. Performs well for our family

Jackie M.: LOVE my new kitchen suite
My Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS counter depth refrigerator is SO---easy to use. The in door water and ice are easy to keep looking clean and have such a large opening for those large glasses and pitchers. Friends all love the interior lighting and easy freezer access. The freezer hold so much but with three different levels it stays so easy to get to even the items on the very bottom.

Electrolux Refrigerators Reviews

Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Stainless Steel
Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IS 22.6 cu. ft. Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator, Cool Zone Drawer, Ramp-Up Lighting, Ice Maker, Stainless Steel
Also available colors and options:
•  Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IB Black
•  Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC36IW White

Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC51IS Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Stainless Steel
Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC51IS 22.6 cu. ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator, Perfect Temp Drawer, LED Lighting, Ice Maker, Stainless Steel
Also available colors and options:
•  Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC51IW White
•  Electrolux IQ-Touch EI23BC51IB Black

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